Bell & Basket - Spring is Here, What's Cooking, and the Great Butter Debate

It's day two of Spring! I'm celebrating by putting away my sleeping bag coat--even if it is still 40
Bell & Basket
Bell & Basket - Spring is Here, What's Cooking, and the Great Butter Debate
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It’s day two of Spring! 
I’m celebrating by putting away my sleeping bag coat–even if it is still 40 degrees outside. Resist. Persist. Freeze. 
In food news, there’s lots happening. The short list: 
1. Lucky Peach Magazine is dead. Read why people are mourning.
3. James Beard finalists have arrived and most of them are pretty predictable. 
4. Why Californian ranchers welcome Trump’s policies has given me some insight into the polarization of our country from an agricultural/farming perspective. It’s fascinating. 
5. New California bill could be the first in the nation to require food dye labeling (labels are enforced in the EU and dyes are banned in the UK). Here’s why you should be saying no to a Shirley Temple (and those extra Maraschino cherries)!
P.S. Have you scrolled all the way to the bottom to read the Non Food Photo of the Week posted by the one and only Colin Berg? It’s worth it.
‘Til next week!

I’m dipping my toe back into bread making. Not literally. I’m doing it all with my hands. 
This time though, I’m starting out simple.
This traditional flatbread is called a chapati or roti. It’s flaky, nutty and extremely forgiving. Keep your eye out for the recipe, on B&B this week. 
Homemade chapati (or roti)
Homemade chapati (or roti)
I was having dinner with my brother the other night when he remarked, “butter is so bad for you.” I was offended. If you know me, you know that butter is a major food group in our household. It’s always on the table for toast and a stick is usually on the counter top waiting to be fluffed with sugar for baking at any given moment. It’s also a food that’s been around for centuries, before obesity ever existed. So why does butter get such a bad rap? 
I blame the 70’s and the tub of utterly disgusting margarine (sorry vegans). Real butter, especially the grass fed or European kind (my favorite is President), keeps you full longer, your blood sugar levels stable and most importantly, tastes absolutely delicious. 
Check out a deeper de-brief on butter below.
Is Butter Really Bad For You?
Spring is here with snow on the ground in New York, and Monday into Tuesday, March 21st, is celebrated as Jamshedi Navroz, the beginning of the new year in Iran. Sal no mobarak - happy new year! For me this spring means renewed energy to do more photography, a fresh update to my website, and more daylight hours - I can dig it. And so this week I bring to you a moment from my Sunday afternoon: this guy seems like he is also digging the springy vibes.
What is not so easy to dig is the political reality of the moment. I will be calling my senators tomorrow to voice my opposition to the deconstructionist agenda of the republican extremists in congress. I will be asking Chuck and Kirsten to vote against the republican health care bill on Thursday. If they pass it I hope to see you at a demonstration this weekend. If you did not already hear it, I encourage you to check out the knowledge dropped by the The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II on the Ready to Resist weekly phone call. 
Have a great week!
Unknown passerby (top), self portrait (bottom), Brooklyn
Unknown passerby (top), self portrait (bottom), Brooklyn
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