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Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz - Issue #1

Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz
Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz
Football Tactics and Glory is

Football Tactics and Glory is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements developed by Creoteam. It was released on Steam in Early Access on June 1st 2015 and 3 years later, on June 1st as a full release. The expansioon “Football Stars” was released on November 12th
Football, Tactics & Glory is a game for those who enjoy turn-based mechanics, team development, tycoon-style games and football. It is inspired more by the likes of JRPGs, Civilization, and XCOM rather than by Football Manager.
Football, Tactics & Glory is a game about a coach who no-one believes in. So to prove them wrong, he takes an amateur club and attempts to raise it to the pinnacle of world football! Playing the role of this coach, you start out with an old stadium which has just a single bench for your fans.Your goal is for your team to become so successful that you will ultimately transform this worthless bench into an arena with seats by which time your club will have won all the major prestigious trophies in world football!
You play matches by utilizing the unique, turn-based mechanics, at the same time developing your club to its highest potential. Your decisions concerning team development affect the match results so choose wisely because your results, in turn, affect the strategic development of your club.
By the end of 2011, the team decreased to 3 people: programmer, animator and game designer. So they decided to make something small but addictive. Andrey Kostyushko, the leader of Creoteam, had a dream to make football strategy which is “right”. Which gives feedback on the every player’s decision, which does not overwhelm players with tonnes of useless spreadsheets, which allows developing a football team, and finally, which allows winning stronger opponents by using smart tactics. The game about being an underdog. It was Football Tactics: turn-based strategy with RPG elements.
The development went hard as the team lacked the needed financing. There was even a year-long pause in the development. But after hard times, the team decided to release Football Tactics on Steam.
So at spring 2015 developers passed Steam Greenlight just in one month. And at June 1st Football Tactics was released on Steam Early Access.
This decision allowed the devs continue development because players were happy with the game.
After the first year in Early Access, the Steam reviews were Very Positive.
In 2018, the game left Early Access and got the full release after 3 years in it. During this time, the game received many updates to UI, Gameplay and the editor.
To this day developers continue working on the game, listening to players and releasing several big, free cpntent updates, and later proceediong to release the first DLC in 2020.
It worth to mention that the players help developers to translate the game to different languages. At the moment, players translated the game to Portuguese-Brazilian, Turkish, French, German, Czech, Norwegian, English, Russian and Ukrainian language.
* Turn-based matches: Unique turn-based system allows to use your strong sides against tactical mistakes of an opponent.
* Campaign: Make your way from Amateur to Premier League, play in the Cup matches, buy and train your footballers, improve your club.
* Skills System: Experiment with skills and talents to build unique team.
* Ultimate Face Editor: The editor allows you to edit any face in your team, and modders can create their favorite players in their mods.
* Smooth Animations: footballers move like in real football with smooth and realistic animations.
* Club’s Upgrades: upgrade your stadium, invest in the young footballers and hire coaches to make your club stronger.
* Mods support: Create your own leagues or play the leagues created by other players.
* Online mode: Call your friends and create a playoff tournament. Who is the best tactician among you?
* Hot Seat: Choose a favourite national club and play against a friend on one PC, in single matches or whole tournaments.
* Twitch Support: The streamers can interact with their viewers.
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Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz
Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz

Weekly newsletter of Beaux Caz

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