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By Adam Egger

This easily-digestible weekly blog will help you to grow personally and professionally. Like a plant that flourishes from short but frequent watering, you will discover new ways of thinking and working that will leave you feeling more focused, productive, and happy. I'm Adam Egger - innovati... Read more

This easily-digestible weekly blog will help you to grow personally and professionally. Like a plant that flourishes from short but frequent watering, you will discover new ways of thinking and working that will leave you feeling more focused, productive, and happy.

I'm Adam Egger - innovation and creativity coach - teaching people all over the world how to become more innovative, more creative, and more successful.

The Simply Good Life newsletter is about personal success and happiness. I additionally write a newsletter about success at work with simple ways to become the most creative and innovative person around:

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Simply Good Life - Oil | Bittersweet | Calm

Think of yourself in a concert hall listening to the strains of the sweetest music when you suddenly remember that you forgot to lock your car. You are anxious about the car, you cannot walk out of the hall and you cannot enjoy the music. There you have a per…


Simply Good Life - Solve Your Life | Black Ballerina | Love Yourself

Life is the process of experiencing all the good and bad moments. Life cannot be fixed, it can just be experienced. Great quote from a great book ("Already Free" by Bruce Tift)


Simply Good Life - Test if your Mission on Earth is Finished | Understand Yourself | View of Money

The most important thing about money is the way how we think about money - our financial beliefs. If we think owning money is a bad thing, we'll never feel good about owning more money. Also, understanding that people never feel rich helps to not focus on cha…


Simply Good Life - Highest Compliment | Absurd Nonsense | Never Be Boring

I read everything Adam Grant produces. He always makes me think. In this short Tweet, he explains how to compliment someone who disagrees with you. Love it!


Simply Good Life - See Sounds | Tiny Games | Don't Try to Find Your Passion

It's somehow fascinating to see how complex simple sounds are. Especially look at the sound of a chirping bird:


Simply Good Life - Inner Voice | Background Sounds | Powerful Question | Fantastic Visualisation

In a training earlier today, I've recommended the book "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer. The surprising idea of this book is: “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind—you are the one who h…


Simply Good Life - Why We Laugh | Deep Sea | Better Life

Books by Ryan Holiday are on the list of my favorite books - especially the book "Obstacle is the Way".This week I've found a good article by Ryan Holiday: "Life is up to you: 8 Choices That Will Make Your Life Better” Here's my favorite quote in there:"Stop …


Simply Good Life - Fun Games | Absurd Distraction | New Habits

It seems every person around me plays Wordle (as I do as well). I've recently also added WorLdle to the list of my daily fun games.In Worldle you don't guess a word but a county or region. What fun! The example below was the hardest one so far, I wasn't even …


Simply Good Life - You're Gonna Die | What is Wealth | Nature's Greatest Artist

The investor Naval Ravikant is one of the fascinating minds I follow. Here's a short video snippet showing Naval's two famous quotes:“To me, the ultimate purpose of money (is) so you do not have to be in a specific place at a specific time doing anything you …


Simply Good Life - My Personal Privacy and Security Recommendations

The situation in the world made me think about how I can add value to people with my newsletter. So I decided to write a newsletter about privacy and security. You might think these topics aren't relevant to you, but they are. People all over the world and es…


Simply Good Life - 30 Quotes | Progress | Yoga Nidra

Here are some notes I took while listening to a Tony Robbins interview: "Progress = Happiness: COVID has conditioned people to never take risks. Without risk, there is no opportunity to grow. Without growth, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no…


Simply Good Life - Moving Film | Would It Help | Be Like a Dog

Here's another list. You all seem to enjoy these long lists. This one was created by Jason Kottke, an American blogger, and graphic designer and it describes his learnings from 2021. My favorites are #38 (the pooping dogs) and #49 (the flying birds). What are…


Simply Good Life - Cold Showers | Hurt People | RELAX

The short video above nicely demonstrates why taking cold showers can change your life. One of the benefits is: People who have regular cold showers take 29% fewer days off work. But studies have also shown that cold water can boost our immune system, improve…


Simply Good Life - Life Plan Exercise | Burn More Fat | Creativity Books

Do you know what you want your life to be like? What it should be like and what it shouldn’t be like? Think about these questions as your life depends on it…because it does! Here's an exercise created by Jordan Peterson that will help you create your own Life…


Simply Good Life - 100 Tips | Tony Robbins' Definition of a Happy Life | Yoga Nidra | Lower Your RHR

I've just listened to a podcast with Tony Robbins. I really like Tony's definition of a happy life: If you want to be upset go for expectations If you want to be happy go for appreciationsDo you expect things to be different in your life? Do you want things t…


Simply Good Life - Live 12 Years Longer | Be Confident | What is Happiness

Do we need to exercise to have a longer life? Surprisingly, there is another way to live longer, in fact, 12 years longer. Two studies, one that spanned 10 years and the other 30 years, found that high optimism is linked to 11-15% longer lifespans. Are you an…


Simply Good Life - Goat | Life | Star | Vegan

Most of you seem to love those long lists of life learnings. Here is one that my wonderful wife Caren sent me: "What is something most do not understand about life until it is too late?"


Simply Good Life - Stop Aging | Tiny Addictive Game | Best Illusions 2021

I´ve listened to 10 hours of podcasts with Dr.David Sinclair recently (here's his personal new podcast). He is the author of the eye-opening book on longevity Lifespan. Dr.Sinclair not only believes we can stop the aging process, but he also claims we can eve…


Simply Good Life - 2021 in 25 Charts | Life on One Sheet of Paper | What to Focus on 2022

I come back to "This is Water" - David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon at the end of every single year. It's a masterpiece - it may be one of humanity's very best justifications for life spoken passionately by a person who sadly took their…


Simply Good Life - 5 Reasons Why I Meditate | Wheel of Life | Understand your Emotions

Wow, Mark Frauenfelder - one of my favorite people (here, here)- recommended my newsletter in the latest issue of his huge "The Magnet" newsletter!Thank you Mark for reading and for recommending Simply Good Life to your readers, and thank you all for joining!…