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Simply Good Life - Would it help? | Optimism | Envy

Hi friends, here are some of my favorite articles this week. Enjoy while I'll be conducting five days
Simply Good Life - Would it help? | Optimism | Envy
By Adam Egger • Issue #115 • View online
Hi friends, here are some of my favorite articles this week. Enjoy while I’ll be conducting five days of workshops in Tel Aviv next week.

Simon Sinek's Favorite Books
One of my favorite authors and speakers Simon Sinek has written a lot of best-selling books, but he’s also been inspired by many books. Here, he discusses the two books that have had the biggest positive impact on his life.
Would It Help?
Andrew Sorkin’s wise words found in Tim Ferriss’ book “Tribe of Mentors”:
Would it help?
Would it help?
One problem is the nature of journalism, which covers events, not trends: Bad things can happen quickly, but good things aren’t built in a day, and many consist of things that don’t happen — such as wars in most of the world.
What a great article about optimism. Love how Steven Pinker sees the world.
How to Check Your Phone Less
Colorful icons give our brains shiny rewards every time we unlock. Set your phone to grayscale to remove those positive reinforcements. It helps many people check their phone less.
Envy is everywhere in our society. If you feel envious ask yourself if you’d do a full 100% life swap with this person. The answer is always no. Nice tip from Naval Ravikant.
Enjoy your week-end, all

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