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Simply Good Life - Journaling | Relationships | Stories

Hi friends, here is your weekly dose of “Simply Good Life", a newsletter that tries to make your day
Simply Good Life - Journaling | Relationships | Stories
By Adam Egger • Issue #175 • View online
Hi friends, here is your weekly dose of “Simply Good Life", a newsletter that tries to make your day a little bit better and help you to grow personally and professionally. Enjoy!

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to release anxiety and stress. At the beginning of the Corona crisis some weeks ago, I’ve started journaling every day about how I felt that day. I thought it might be interesting for me to read about how I felt during the Corona situation in a few years.
If you don’t know how to start journaling, here is a list of 20 fantastic journaling prompts. My favorites are “What do I know to be true that I didn’t know a year ago?” or “When I look in the mirror, what do I see?”. What are yours?
Great Initiatives
After presenting the Indian Mask4All initiative last week, here are two great initiatives from Germany. A friend of mine - Franzi - spends a lot of her spare-time sewing hand-made masks and gifting them to people in need.
Also, Andrea informed me about the initiative “Wir Sind Bergstrasse” that she’s part of. They already sewed more than 12.000 masks for different institutions in the last 2 weeks.
You all are fantastic!
Relationship Tips
After reading the last week’s tips for couples, some of you asked me to write more tips for a successful relationship. After being married to Caren for almost 20 years, I really think the secret to a long-lasting relationship is communication, a ton of transparent communication. Other than that, we both try to follow the rules that Esther Perel presented in the interview with Tim Ferriss some years ago:
Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling are the 4 major relationship killers so:
  • Don’t use words like “always” and “never” – this just opens up the argument to places it doesn’t need to go
  • Behind every criticism is often a wish
  • Ask, don’t complain
They all sound easy but are damn hard to follow.
Tell Better Stories
There is a simple way of becoming a better storyteller by using the senses. Using the senses creates depth in a story and pulls people in. This means, next time you’re preparing a presentation, go through the five senses - vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste - and incorporate two or three.
For example, during a presentation describe the situation as detailed as possible with phrases like:
After that, I saw __. I suddenly heard ____. Then I felt ____. I tasted ___ and I smelled _____. 
Quote I Love
“The most powerful antidepressant is doing for other people” Esther Perel
I’m in the process of writing a book about the most important skills for young people in the modern world. Writing a book for them hugely switched the focus from “me” to “them” in my daily life.
What is it that you’ve started doing during the quarantine?
Have a great day,

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