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Simply Good Life - How To Fight Hangovers, Fight Anxiety and Find a Dream Career

Simply Good Life - How To Fight Hangovers, Fight Anxiety and Find a Dream Career
By Adam Egger • Issue #52 • View online
Happy year-end, everyone!
We made it almost through 2017, find below a few links that can help you go through the festive time of the year. 

Turn Anxiety into Excitement
Did you know that anxiety and excitement both are arousal emotions that have similar symptoms and are just framed differently in our mind? In the video below you’ll learn how to use the “I am excited” hack to fight anxiety
How to Turn Anxiety Into Excitement - YouTube
How to Turn Anxiety Into Excitement - YouTube
Find Your Best Career
Sokanu is the best Career test I’ve ever seen. It’s like a supercharged version of the one you usually take in high school. This 20-minute test will give you your top matches out of 800+ careers based on your personal interests, personality characteristics and ideal work environment. You also get info on degree paths, salary and links to job listings. Try it out, you might be surprised!
Enjoy Alcohol Without Side Effects
This is the best article about how to use biohacking to enjoy alcohol without many side effects.  
Learn how to adjust what you drink and what to use to cure your hangover and feel even better the day after drinking!
Fantastic Colors
Here’s another great National Geographic video about natural wonders in Asia. Question: What causes these colors?
7 Stunning Natural Wonders in Asia
Alone Versus Lonely
‘If you are lonely when you are alone, you’re in bad company.’ Jean-Paul Sartre
Alone is a neutral state, lonely is how we often perceive this state. Does “alone” have a negative connotation for you?
Are you able to enjoy time alone? 
If not, meditation could be the answer, it‘s making friends with yourself.
Have a great weekend, all
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