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How digital is your patent department?

Appointing a new representative for a European patent application can be done fully digitally today. The EPO’s Epoline has an online dashboard with a “change representation” button:
Click it. Select the new representative (it even searches through the official list of representatives - no more typos!). Done.
Here’s the process one of my clients asked me to undergo recently:
  1. The client’s in-house representative wrote a letter to the EPO stating that he resigns from representation.
  2. I downloaded the authorization form from the EPO website, filled in the details and sent the form by email to the client.
  3. The client printed it, signed it, scanned it and sent it back to me by email.
  4. I filed a letter to the EPO appointing myself as the new representative and attached the authorization.
  5. The client sent me the paper authorization by postal mail for me to keep.
Which one of these processes is more efficient?
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