Bashful Scripting

By Peter Forret

#!/Bashful/Scripting - a bash scripting newsletter

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Bashful Scripting - explainshell, dropbox, slack, spotify CLI

This is your new BashFul Scripting newsletter, with bash-based CLI interfaces for Dropbox, Spotify, Slack. Also idempotent scripting.


Bashful Thinking: pipelines, biggest shell programs, hyperfine, progressbar,

"We already know this yet it's worth repeating. Do not optimize your code. Aim for "OK" and then stop. If you are following rule #1 then slow performance will pop up as a juicy problem somewhere down the line. It will always, always, be in a place you never t…


Bashful Thinking - CLI style guide, sockets, notifications, video transcribing

Some more bash/CLI goodness for you, including some excellent guidelines on how to develop CLI tools yourself. Power tip: if you use pforret/bashew as a template for your bash scripts, you cover most of them.


Bashful Thinking - bashpitfalls, .bashrc and basher package directory

This is your new BashFul Thinking newsletter, with some safety tips (with great power comes great responsibility), a tool for database migrations, a directory of 'basher install' packages, and an article on .bashrc vs .profile.


Bashful Thinking - cheat, bashblog, phishing, webify, wp-backup



#!/Bashful/Thinking #3: package managers, bashful, import, english to bash

My preference is basher, it's easy for users as well as developers


#!/Bashful/Thinking #2: unicode, traps, shellcheck and bashmarks

For feedback on this newsletter, just reply to this edition. I would love to hear your thoughts!


#!/Bashful/Thinking - Issue #1

Every front-end/back-end developer should know some shell scripting. It is one of the oldest, most portable and concise way of automating useful stuff on Linux, MacOs as well as Windows (WSL).As an avid 'basher' for over 20 years, I've decided to start this w…