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✖️ RIP 8tracks, state of sampling, 2019's failed predictions, music biz trends for the 2020s 🔮

Hi there eveybody, It's the final edition of the year, so let's reflect and look forward. I'm so excited to have brought back MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE this year and be welcomed back to your inboxes. It has already been 10 editions! And MxTxF has a little siste...


✖️ Announcing MUSIC x GREEN: directory for a greener music business 🚀🌱

Hi everybody,I am delighted to share my new project with you: MUSIC x GREEN.After some struggle to get an overview of what initiatives, projects, and research exist to make music a more sustainable industry, I decided to build something myself: a directory ...


✖️ Future of instruments, streaming & the economy, deplatforming social media 🤳

Hi everyone, Starting from next week I will be experimenting with other newsletter services and sending the newsletter from a different address. Please add the following address to your contacts to make sure I keep hitting your inbox: newsletter@musicxtechx...


✖️ Authorless vs Authorful Music, Billie Eilish & climate change, Spotify hackers, scalpers, AI's endgame 🔥

Special emphasis on artificial intelligence this week. Longer edition than usual - don't miss the music hack at the end. Star it in your inbox, so you can come back to it throughout the week. Enjoy! Love, Bas


✖️ AI lyric generation and the future of music, Content ID and music theft, Massive Attack goes green 💚

Hi everybody, I want to start off by congratulating Music Declares Emergency for getting IMPALA's Outstanding Contribution Award. An important initiative to drive sustainability in the music business. They take donations, so here's an idea: sometimes (it's ...


✖️ Reducing music's climate impact through innovation, Jay Z's phone, Spotify's future 🌳

Hi everyone,I'd like to kick this newsletter off with a quote. A quote from a video game character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a historically accurate game set in medieval Bohemia, a real work of art.The somewhat Stoic quote goes along these lines: "Life ...


✖️ Peak attention economy, the economics of dance music, and some cool music hacks 👩‍💻

Hi everyone, This week's edition is all about the economics of attention and money. We're in a matured music and entertainment streaming landscape and are now starting to see more clearly what such a thing looks like. It's an exciting time, with many new op...


✖️ Music's most important metric, music needs a Disney+, what climate change sounds like 🌪️

Hi everyone!Small request: I'm trying to get deeper into the topic of sustainability and the music industry (and industries that interface with it a lot). I'm aware of some great organisations, but I'm looking for good blogs, Twitter accounts, and newslette...


✖️ Identifying musical works, the making of Billie Eilish, AirPods are a tragedy 🎭

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the positive response last week. It's encouraged me to kick MxTxF back up properly on a weekly basis for now. 🎉👉 I am still looking for new opportunities in product leadership, digital strategy, or adjacent. I'm looking to...


✖️ Breaking artists, Repertoire Data Exchange, music publishing's full stack revolution 🏎️

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I hit your inbox: MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE is a newsletter about music and innovation. It's about what's new, and what it means or implies for music and the business of music.While the newsletter was on a hiatus, I was focu...


✖️ Ethical music streaming can't be optional: critiquing the Ethical Pool

Hi everybody!It has been a long time since the last MxTxF edition (January). I decided to take a break and focus on settling in Berlin (where I had just moved), as well as my role as Product Director at classical music streaming service IDAGIO (we just rais...


✖️ Postinternet music is the future 💻 AI music is already mainstream 🔥 Internet's post-text era is here 🤳

Hi everyone! MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE is 2 years old! 🎂 Thank you all for your positive energy - the first edition went out to just 51 people and by now each newsletter reaches over 2000 people. (and you can meet some of them online here) I have been doing a l...


✖️ Music & innovation in 2018 ⚡ Spotify's IPO for dummies 💸 YouTube's AI drives 70% of views 💭

Hi everybody!! Happy new year.I had a great time in Cuba, even though my luggage never arrived (read the story). I was planning to send one more newsletter out before I left, but unfortunately the mobile editor for the newsletter wasn't letting me edit stuf...


✖️ Apple drives artists to chatbots 🍏 YouTube leveling the playing field? 🙈 AI will change your music strategy 🚨

Hi everyone! The news is out: IDAGIO raised €8 million. I'm stoked to be on board for this phase and consider myself lucky every day that I get to work with this amazing team to give shape to classical music online. 🎻Next week is the last MUSIC x TECH x FUT...


✖️ Female music startup founders 👩‍💻 Spotify + Tencent share swap? 🇨🇳 Buying cats on the blockchain 🐱

Hi everybody!Slush Music and Slush were AMAZING. Here's my review.It's been great meeting so many of you there!Today we moved into a new office with the IDAGIO team, so with that + having come back from Helsinki last night: I apologize for the delay to the ...


✖️ Will tech make labels obsolete? 🙄 Building 250k plays on Soundcloud 💯 Why musicians get digital wrong 🙅

Hi everybody!Off to Helsinki for Slush + Slush Music this week. Looking forward as I've already heard so many great things. This week, I'm looking for contributions! Christmas time is coming -- how do you plan your (non-seasonal) music releases around this ...


✖️ Streaming wars for superfans ⚔️ How generative music works ⌨️ Blockchain startups to watch ⛓️

Hi everybody! I am busy preparing my talk at Slush Music next week. It's probably going to be my most well-prepared talk since presenting my thesis at Midem years ago. I've been putting many hours of research into it - particularly on the history of innovat...


✖️ EU streaming giants teaming up 💪 How AI startups can target music 🤖 Soundcloud's last chance... 💸

Hi everybody,Just came back from Ableton Loop here in Berlin. The focus is completely on creators and they call themselves a summit for music makers. This means their programming & event is highly refreshing for the more seasoned conference goer. I'm st...


✖️ Spotify's Chris Brown problem 😠 Listening diversity is growing 📈 Critical look at blockchain & music ⛓️

Hi everyone, Thanks for all the positive responses to last week's mailing. I'll try to squeeze in another video before year's end. I'm going to be spending 3 weeks in Cuba at the end of the year. Any music connections & introductions: very welcome! We a...


✖️ Is this the end of the app era? 📵 YouTube entrepreneurs & music 👀 Martin Luther & the Church of Tech 🛐

Hi everybody,Something special for you this week. Unfortunately I was unable to do my presentation at BIME due to miscommunications (did thoroughly enjoy moderating the blockchain panel though). To make up for it, I have made a video recording, talking thro...