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✖️ Streaming wars for superfans ⚔️ How generative music works ⌨️ Blockchain startups to watch ⛓️

✖️ Streaming wars for superfans ⚔️ How generative music works ⌨️ Blockchain startups to watch ⛓️
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Hi everybody! 
I am busy preparing my talk at Slush Music next week. It’s probably going to be my most well-prepared talk since presenting my thesis at Midem years ago. 
I’ve been putting many hours of research into it - particularly on the history of innovation in music, which is one of the core points of the talk. Synopsis: 
“From electric light to the piano to drum computers, new technology has always had a disruptive and enabling impact on music and its business ecosystem. From Beethoven to the Bronx, this talk explores how pioneers in music have leveraged technology to reshape the rulebook for generations to come. Ultimately culminating with the questions: how do we follow in these pioneers’ footsteps, and what are today’s technologies destined to redefine music and the entire business?” 
I am super excited to be uniting my two hats in one talk, and sharing all that I’m learning indirectly since joining classical music streaming service IDAGIO earlier this year. 
If you’re not at Slush Music, don’t worry: there will be a video (either a recording from the conference, or if they’re not recording, I’ll make my own YouTube version). 
The preparation work means no article from me again, but to make up for it, here’s an extra pack dose of MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE.
For all the Dutch people on my newsletter: there’s a new initiative called NO THANKS! which wants to address sexual harassment in nightlife & festivals (say hi & show your support). 

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Theft! A History of Music - YouTube
Theft! A History of Music - YouTube
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