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✖️ Secondary ticketing vs privacy 👀 2017 music blockchain update ⛓️ Future, Fetty, Run The Jewels 👉👊

Had a very exciting week in which Quibus, a new band I'm helping, suddenly got some important airtime
✖️ Secondary ticketing vs privacy 👀 2017 music blockchain update ⛓️ Future, Fetty, Run The Jewels 👉👊
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Had a very exciting week in which Quibus, a new band I’m helping, suddenly got some important airtime on TV. More below!
📉, a livestreaming platform for DJs, is in financial trouble after pirates leeched their bandwidth. Help them out here.
😡 Someone issued a trademark notice against my Soundcloud account ( But I won!

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About two weeks ago, a new band I’m helping with digital, called Quibus (think Bonobo x Weval x Trentemøller) was put on a shortlist by the most important TV show in The Netherlands for emerging bands (kind of comparable to The Graham Norton Show, I guess).
We really wrecked our brains on what songs to play, as we’d only get about 1 minute of air time, but knew we could play a song to the studio audience (incl. some VIP guests) prior to going live. 
We decided upon Radio Kootwijk, which shows the full spectrum of the band’s musicality, but we also knew this would likely appeal to the show’s host and potential guests. This is important, because it determines the enthusiasm with which the show host announces the band when you’re live on air.
On air, we picked the new single Find You, as it was easiest to cut to 1 minute and best reflects the sound Quibus stands for. 
We got the call last minute and had to rush to get everyone to the studio. On my way, I quickly, and finally, scrambled to create the band’s Twitter account. A must-have when you go live on TV, as I was reminded of by Claire Mas recently (thanks!).
The strategy paid off – we’re already seeing more bookings and have some new fans with very wide reach. I left out a lot of detail… perhaps a good topic for next week’s mail-out. 🤔
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