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✖️ RIP 8tracks, state of sampling, 2019's failed predictions, music biz trends for the 2020s 🔮

Hi there eveybody, It's the final edition of the year, so let's reflect and look forward. I'm so ex
✖️ RIP 8tracks, state of sampling, 2019's failed predictions, music biz trends for the 2020s 🔮
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Hi there eveybody,
It’s the final edition of the year, so let’s reflect and look forward.
I’m so excited to have brought back MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE this year and be welcomed back to your inboxes. It has already been 10 editions! And MxTxF has a little sister now: MUSIC x GREEN (announced last week) for which I have more plans next year.
My goal for January is to launch a few more projects and expand the digital garden I tend to. If you’d like to be involved more closely, join me on Slack in The Music Tech Network. Make sure to say hi in the introductions channel when you join, and I’ll add you to the relevant channels.

Looking back
Looking forward
Personally, there is one thing I’m missing in the end of year lists and in the music business discourse in general. Whenever China is discussed, it is either in the context of new revenues opening up or its tech firms like Tencent or ByteDance making moves around the world. What I don’t hear is anything regarding Hong Kong or the dire situation for the Uyghur population in China’s Xinjiang province. Gaming, sports, and film have already had trouble navigating the difficulties of doing business in a country with poor human rights records. My prediction for next year: as China continues to project its power and influence, expect this to intensify for aforementioned three sectors, plus music.
Last week I announced MUSIC x GREEN, a directory for a greener music business. Immediately, I got some recommendations of green projects. Thank you for sending them in:
  • partners with Postevand for clean water protection
  • Roskilde Festival: 8 days. 130,000 visitors. With the purpose to make a difference and have a positive influence on our surroundings
  • NorthSide Festival: 3 days of music, sustainability and fun
  • Activist Artists Management: the management company for positive impact
  • Reverb: Uniting around the music we love, tackling the issues we face
Check them out by heading over to MUSIC x GREEN and clicking on the “NEW ✨” filter.
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