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✖️ Is this the end of the app era? 📵 YouTube entrepreneurs & music 👀 Martin Luther & the Church of Tech 🛐

✖️ Is this the end of the app era? 📵 YouTube entrepreneurs & music 👀 Martin Luther & the Church of Tech 🛐
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Hi everybody,
Something special for you this week. Unfortunately I was unable to do my presentation at BIME due to miscommunications (did thoroughly enjoy moderating the blockchain panel though). 
To make up for it, I have made a video recording, talking through the whole presentation. Unfortunately I’m traveling, so I don’t have the setup that I’d like for MxTxF’s first video… but content is king, right? Enjoy! 
Love, Bas
P.S. I’m looking for a great UX/UI Designer to join us at IDAGIO to help us further reinvent streaming for classical music (info).

What the end of the app era means for music
MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE's first video! 🎉
MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE's first video! 🎉
Quickly improvised recording, and I’ve got a bit of a cold so there’s that… but (!) this was more fun than I thought, so I hope to do more before the end of the year!
More on messaging:
Video streaming and music
Thanks, Chandler Coyle, for sending the next link in as a response to last week’s newsletter. Genius looked into the data and found that the video alone was not why Post Malone went to #1.
For a long time Spotify has been trying to get video right. After a recent reboot of their strategy, they’re now doing another one. Why are they doing this? Some say it’s because they’re trying to chase content with higher margins for Spotify than music, for which the licensing is costly and margins are low.
Meanwhile Spotify and Netflix have teamed up to build a tool that pairs people’s music tastes with characters from Stranger Things and gives them a playlist (I got Demogorgon). It’s an interesting partnership and I’d love to see the two working together more closely. Besides both having the best products in music & video, the way the teams and companies use data to identify tastes, trends, and then act on that data is excellent, and I wonder what the two could achieve together (Netflix has great playlists on their Spotify account by the way).
Cherie Hu wrote this excellent piece which goes through some of my favourite examples of music pioneers on YouTube, namely UKF & Luke Hood, NoCopyrightSounds, Spinnin’ Records & Meindert Kennis, Majestic Casual, Alan Walker… (my take on the matter)
More pioneers
These are the types of links that always do best in the newsletter. I even learned about a few startups that I didn’t know yet. I just did a panel last week with Stem and they’re a good one to watch. Same goes for TheWaveVR. And yes, this is that ‘MySpace moment’ I’ve been talking about.
We need tech companies to do better
It’s Reformation Day in Germany tomorrow, and it’s a day off since it’s 500 years since Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses on a church door and ignited something that would permanently weaken the control of the church. One author wonders whether we need another Martin Luther to challenge tech. I nearly skipped the piece, but it’s a great read which also explains how Luther was so successful by leveraging new technologies (the printing press) to spread his message.
To end on a more positive note, here are some thoughts about what we can be doing better with technology & business fields that are experiencing rapid growth right now:
My friends, Quibus, just released this beautiful new track and video on Bad Panda Records. Check out this clubby, but dreamy and hypnotising tune (Soundcloud link).
Quibus - Sedate Me
Quibus - Sedate Me
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