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✖️ Algorithm designed concert hall 😍 Blockchain takes on ticket fraud ⚔️ Standing out in the age of VUIs 👂

✖️ Algorithm designed concert hall 😍 Blockchain takes on ticket fraud ⚔️ Standing out in the age of VUIs 👂
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Hi everyone, 
Been having a busy time with IDAGIO recently, as we’ve just launched our rebranding, simplified our subscriber funnel (trials instead of a free tier), and are getting ready to release our Android app. And there’s plenty more ahead this year. 💪
Over the last few weeks, I’ve begun to realize that the newsletter, in its current shape, is cutting into much needed downtime and nearly 6 months into my new gig, I have to find a new balance. ⚖️
What I want to keep: MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE is a weekly newsletter. That will not change. For each newsletter, I write a new article. This will also not change. And of course I’ll bring to you the best curated articles. However, with the exact format of the newsletter I can experiment a bit. So I will. 👨‍🔬
The way you see the newsletter now is a formula I’ve landed on some months ago. Check out the archives for how the format has shifted over the last two years. 🙈
As I play around a bit with the format over the next few weeks, it would be really valuable to me if you use the thumbs up / thumbs down buttons at the bottom of the newsletter. 👍 👎
Thank you!

From me, for you
From the music space
I know a lof of startups read this newsletter. Here’s an awesome opportunity:
Three pieces on the digital music landscape, and how people are trying to leverage the dynamics of it.
Cherie Hu has done an impressive data analysis about the poor gender balance at music business conferences.
Blockchain pioneers are still moving things forward:
And here’s one for your eyes because the result is amazing. Plus we really don’t talk about architecture in the music business, yet it’s so important to the venues and concert halls that are erected around the world in the name of music.
Wide view
This is where I look at issues that are bigger than music, but will affect music in one way or another.
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