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#36: Livestreaming enabling new business models 💌 | Music streaming consolidation 🤝 | Secondary ticketing 🎫 | Facebook VR 👓

Hey everyone, Let's schedule meetings for Amsterdam Dance Event (19-23 Oct). If you're in town and ha
#36: Livestreaming enabling new business models 💌 | Music streaming consolidation 🤝 | Secondary ticketing 🎫 | Facebook VR 👓
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Hey everyone,
Let’s schedule meetings for Amsterdam Dance Event (19-23 Oct). If you’re in town and haven’t reached out yet - get in touch if you’d like to meet, or come see my panel.
I’ve changed the format a bit this week. Feedback welcome.
Enjoy - have a great week everyone!

From me, for you
This week’s lead piece is about donations. The immediacy brought on by the rise of high quality live streaming means donations now go beyond mere charity.
I was interviewed by Jazzfuel about digital strategy for artists. We covered a lot of ground, from the streaming landscape, to startup methodology for musicians and their managers, to using Facebook ads.
How innovation in technology can help the career-building jazz musician
For the Synchtank blog, I wrote about this year’s consolidation in music streaming. 2016 could well go down as the end of the beginning for music streaming. In the next months expect an acquisition, an IPO, and a potential closure.
Projecting Trends: 
Consolidation in music streaming
Digital Music Space
Spotify recently enabled the first ‘unofficial’ remixes on the platform due to their partnership with Dubset. Some argue that this decreases Soundcloud’s acquisition potential by Spotify, but I think that’s nonsense. Spotify partnered with Dubset in May, to do exactly this. Why would they be in talks with Soundcloud - let alone the advanced stage? The Spotify / Soundcloud acquisition can still happen.
Spotify and Apple Music get unofficial mixes, the best part of SoundCloud
Amazon’s music service for Echo users will launch in the next few weeks
I’m very excited about music becoming more adaptive, augmented, or even generative, and think it’s one of the biggest changes music will go through as a format this century. It’s already common in games, with No Man’s Sky, a game with an infinite procedurally generated universe, having a soundtrack that perfectly matches its theme. (if this makes you want to buy No Man’s Sky: read the reviews very carefully)
How one of 2016’s most talked-about video games brought generative music to the masses
Live Music Space
Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin on bots, partnering with Pandora, and selling his company for nearly a half billion dollars
Analysis: what's the real cost of secondary ticketing?
Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg’s VR demo? These things tend to be a bit cringeworthy, but there are some interesting moments that hint at the future of experience design, and the interactions of different layers of reality: the physical, the web as we already know it, and VR worlds. The biggest promise of VR in the near future was always augmented reality. We’re entering a new era of user experience design and Facebook is ready to lead the way.
Facebook to fund VR apps and entertainment with $250m
Well-known startup accelerator Techstars has launched a music program. Each year, they’ll invest $120k in each of the 10 selected music related startups, who will take residence in their space in Los Angeles.
Techstars Music
In light of a recent TechCrunch article, which some are holding up as a sign that blockchain’s going to solve all of the music industry’s problems… A reminder: the industry needs to solve these problems. Blockchain is not a magical spell. You can’t say “blockchain, blockchain, blockchain” and suddenly the industry is fair and transparent for everyone. Developments enabled by blockchain are likely to find themselves impeded by complex laws, regulations and statutory bodies.
The music industry isn’t ready for the blockchain
It's a wrap
This week I’ve been listening to Mr. Oizo’s new album - recommended for electro lovers. What I’ve had on repeat is Acid Arab’s newest release. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a blend of techno, acid and Arabic influences.
Also, I thought it was pretty cool when Daniel Ek shared a guest post featured by MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE last week.
That’s all for this week!
Are donations becoming a viable part of artists’ business models? – MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE
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