Sunletter from Ondřej Bárta

By Ondřej Bárta

More personal than Twitter, less personal than a fika. No awkward silence, there's always something to say. At the intersection of technology, design, and philosophy, there's me!

More personal than Twitter, less personal than a fika. No awkward silence, there's always something to say.

At the intersection of technology, design, and philosophy, there's me!

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What's Around You Right Now? - Issue #15

It's a Sunday afternoon in Montreal. I'm sitting at a coffee shop, writing this very letter. A glass that held a cold brew a minute ago reflects light at various angles like a kaleidoscope. A comfortable conversation noise coming from neighboring tables coats…


Oh Canada 🇨🇦 - Issue #20

The quote "Gradually, then suddenly" comes from Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises. It mirrors how many things in life are very predictable in retrospect: the good and the bad. Whether the ground seems like it's collapsing beneath your feet or you ex…


What Are You Grateful For? - Issue #13

As people, we're far removed from a natural survival type of situation. You don't need to go and hunt a mammoth to have something to eat. And, unless you grow your own food, the need for obtaining nourishment has been abstracted from your life. It makes life …


On Mediocrity & Moderate Success - Issue #12

Lately, I've listened to some people lamenting that they didn't get the success they hoped for. And that got me reflecting on this sort of moderate success. When people are good at what you're doing, and they also found access to enough money to live off of t…


AI In Your Toolbox - Issue #11

Long conversations about the future often turn into conversations about AI. The rise of AI seems inevitable, especially with the recent advancements made in this space. Machine learning gets more approachable for engineers with toolsets like TensorFlow and Py…


Nature & Nurture Of Action - Issue #10

In the last issue, I explored ways of catching ideas. I want to focus on the exploration and execution cycle in this one. There's a saying that ideas are cheap and execution is the king. It is a generalization that I disagree with, mainly because it's too bro…


Nature & Nurture Of Ideas - Issue #9

For the longest time, I thought my lack of creativity came from my own inability to have original ideas. Generally, it's easy to observe this hardship and misinterpret it as your lack of creativity. Sure, it might be easier for some people to have unique thou…


Do You Understand Yourself? - Issue #8

Have you ever caught yourself in some action and didn't quite understand what made you do it? This happened to me many times and still happens more than I'd like. I wanted to learn more about why I do the things I do. What am I guided by internally, and which…


What's Your Story? - Issue #7

I never liked the word "networking". In my view, it dehumanizes the activity of finding new personal or professional friends. Yes, I don't want connections on LinkedIn; I want to find people with whom we're on the same wavelength and can be personal friends o…


Moving Fast And Breaking Things - Issue #6

As a means of inspiration, I wanted to talk about one project in particular that I'm working on and some of the technical struggles that are not apparent from the outside (and that I didn't consider going into it).


On Resilience, Hope & Mice - Issue #5

Initially, I wanted to tackle a different topic this week, but life has its way of going in directions you don't expect. The word of the day is resilience. Keeping at whatever you love to do and doubling down when hard times strike. Dealing with setbacks is h…


Lost In Translation - Issue #4

I work daily with people from various cultures all across the world. For the collective to stay on top of things, productive, and most importantly, happy, people need to be able to communicate effectively. That's what keeps things going in the right direction…


In It For The Long Run - Issue #3

I had many topics on my mind for the past week. And after wondering which one should I write about, I realized there's a common root in them all. That is the concept of long-term investment. It boils down to so many aspects of life.


What's Your Essence? - Issue #2

Recently I've had on my mind a concept that I would describe in the word essence. In this context, it's an intrinsic part of you that's projected into every single thing you do. Life and your surroundings have brewed that deep into you. It's when your friend …


Opening The Envelope - Issue #1

Years back, during high school, I wrote one letter every single week. Every Monday after school, I'd come to our shared rooms, pick up a blank paper and start writing. No particular topic. Whatever was roaming through my mind that day or that week made it ont…