Opening The Envelope - Issue #1





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Sunletter from Ondřej Bárta
Opening The Envelope - Issue #1
By Ondřej Bárta • Issue #1 • View online
Writing personal letters has been a hobby of mine for years. Those real ones where you take a pen and write it all at once. No edits; if you make a mistake, you correct it right then and there and carry on. Then throw a little drawing at the end because the medium allows for it, and it has a chance of making the recipient smile for just a second.

Years back, during high school, I wrote one letter every single week. Every Monday after school, I’d come to our shared rooms, pick up a blank paper and start writing. No particular topic. Whatever was roaming through my mind that day or that week made it onto that paper. It wasn’t always profound, but it was a habit that helped me organize my thoughts and ideas.
On a rare occurrence, I got a letter back. There’s a delightful feeling when you find an envelope in your mailbox, take it, and walk into your apartment. If you’re particularly excited, you’ll read it while you’re still out (those are the best ones!). If I can achieve that even a little bit with these emails, their purpose has been fulfilled.
Trying out something new is somewhat like opening an envelope. You don’t precisely know what’s inside. Opening it is exciting for someone; for me, it’s slightly scary. I’ve never been that type of person who’d jump into things headfirst with much excitement. But I found that this makes things all that more rewarding when I finally find the new exciting flavors of living that I enjoy.
Writing this email in particular is like opening a letter from an unknown recipient. Who’s to say how it’ll turn out. There are no expectations, just the pleasant feeling of a new discovery.
If you’re as keen on creating things as I am, you know it’s essential to keep your creative muscle exercised. You have to add more weight, or your progression will halt at some point. Push it to the point you feel uncomfortable with what you’re producing. And polish the edges only after you have an idea where you are going. That’s the idea behind things like this letter.
With that said, here’s a pixel art from my favorite coffee shop in Prague, where I partially wrote this.
Coffee At Kolektor - My first pixel art; from Kolektor café
Coffee At Kolektor - My first pixel art; from Kolektor café
Have a wonderful week ahead!
PS: This is a section where I’ll be adding unrelated things. Pretty much 100% inspired by the same section in the newsletter by Tobias Van Schneider. It’s the best newsletter I get, hands down.
PSS: The pixel art attached in this email is also an NFT. There are no expectations, only yet another alleyway I felt is worth discovering.
PSSS: Have something to say? Respond to this email; it goes straight to my inbox. Let’s start a conversation, have a chat :)
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