(Mi)lly, Myself, and I

By Milly Barker-DeStefano

(Mi)lly, Myself, and I - Issue #4





(Mi)lly, Myself, and I
The issue in which I get initiated into the world of Bubble building, and feel empowered as f*** because of it.

"I'm Forever (Building) Bubble (Apps)" 🎵
For the non English football fans among you, the title of this newsletter is a crass bastardization of the I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (Bubbles) song that the fans of West Ham United FC sing in unison at games (it’s quite the spectacle, so you should YouTube it if you haven’t heard it before).
While I am not a West Ham fan (despite going to many games), the song has been stuck in my head since I started building with Bubble a week or so ago. I’ve played around with Bubble before and done the crash courses to learn how to use it, but last week is when I really started getting into it.
tl;dr - I had a whale of a time.
Here’s some of what I built:
#1 Navbar and footer
First thing I built was a responsive navbar and footer. I started both with templates from @madewithframes (check them out on Twitter), which requires a 960 page size to start. I then did what they tell you not to and modified things, which meant I had to go in and manually fix the responsiveness settings. I felt like I’d really ballsed it up to start, but turns out everything’s fine (for now, at least…).
Once the screen size drops below 667 px page width, the navbar switches to the logo plus a hamburger menu, which upon click reveals a floating sidebar menu with the existing pages show in the full width navbar below. This avoids having each menu item squashed or layered on mobile devices.
#2 Signup and login pop ups and workflows
These were fun to make. Again, I started with templates from @madewithframes and then modified a fair bit to get what I wanted. My favorite part to build was the sign up verification: in order to sign up, you have to have a verified email address (email validated through Bubble’s native email verification API) and password.
For now, password verification just looks for the existence of text in the password field, but I will update it to only accept passwords of a certain strength soon.
The check marks go green when the email and password are acceptable and when the T&Cs have been accepted via the checkbox. The sign up button is also only clickable (thus the sign up workflow only starts) once those conditions are met.
Here’s what the validated sign up form looks like:
There are a bunch of other things (reset password pop up and workflow, for example) that you can see me build on this tweet thread:
Milly Barker-DeStefano 🐿️
Been reworking some of the elements I made with @bubble last night!

Here's what I've been up to:

➡️ New nav bar with clearer CTAs to start a trial
➡️ New footer template added (will remove some pages)

#buildinpublic #nocode https://t.co/J24lSr8osa
I was absolutely buzzing just getting these basics in place for my app. No code is seriously empowering.
As for the ‘service’ part of this SaaS, I’m reading up some more on how to train GPT-3. I’ve been messing around with some functions in the Open AI playground, but it’s tough to get it to perform how you want without set commands. Right now this seems like a daunting task, and it’s one I will likely need help with in the long run, but I’m giving it the ol’ college try and will figure out as much of it myself as possible.
As for this week, I’m kind of chock solid with my freelancing work as we’re approaching the end of the month when two of my big projects are due, but I’m going to try to get a landing page up to outline what the product will do. I’ll likely build this in Carrd and link it up to some sort of pre-registration or pre-sales engine so that I can start marketing this. Customer-first with everything, people!
I hope you’re all having an awesome week so far!
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Milly Barker-DeStefano
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