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(Mi)lly, Myself, and I - Issue #3

(Mi)lly, Myself, and I
The issue in which I realize a BIG mistake in my initial project validation, and take decisive (albeit somewhat embarrassing) action to fix it.

"Honey, I f***** up my idea validation!"
This is not the newsletter I was hoping to be writing this week, but I did promise you all the real life details of what’s happening in my quest to build a portfolio of projects, so brace yourselves…
I really messed up in my initial project validation of my sales-related info product idea (that I wrote about COMMITTING TO last weekfacepalm 🤦🏼‍♀️ ).
Last week, I told you that, “Despite many promising ideas, right now, there is no better option for a new project idea. All are equally good to me.”
I was wrong.
Wrong wrong wrong.
And here’s why:
In exploring this idea of creating an info product, I forgot (yes… FORGOT double facepalm) one of my key validation criteria for new projects. I forgot that I am supposed to be building to sell.
And by that, I mean I’m supposed to be building a project that is intended, from the very start, to be sold off to someone else at some point in time. Perhaps through Microacquire. Perhaps through Tiny Acquisitions. Perhaps through Flippa. Wherever - it doesn’t matter.
This info product may sell copies, but it won’t sell as a project in and of itself. It’s far too connected to my personal brand, my personal experience, my personal view on how founders can improve their sales skills, etc.
Sure, somewhere in the universe there is probably some digi-hoarder who would be willing to buy a license to resell this, but (a) it would take forever to find them and (b) that’s not the kind of shit I wanted to be doing here.
I am actually astounded that this slipped my mind.
But hey, I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes. I am, however, afraid to get myself stuck in a position I don’t want to be in… so I’ve taken action to resolve this immediately.
  1. I’m putting the work I’ve done so far on the info product on my ‘productive procrastination’ shelf, and I’ll pull it down whenever I fancy a break from my other validated (unfriendly reminder to self) project.
  2. I’m drawing another idea (important: I have learned my lesson and revalidated the ideas on the scraps of paper.) This time, I’m letting my older and wiser Great Pyrenees choose a project for me (noting, too, that she is less likely to shred the idea once she’s picked it).
And the winner is…
A content repurposing productized service (PS) / SaaS.
Content repurposing is the act of ‘recycling’ content that you’ve already created (i.e. invested in) to make a bunch more original content. For example, you write a blog post, and content repurposing has you create ten Twitter posts from that blog post.
This is usually a long, tedious, manual process that can get real expensive if you’re taking up your staff’s time with it. Tech has to be able to help here.
There are a few patchy solutions to this out there, but the main ones are stupidly expensive (in the multiple hundreds per month for not-that-much-value) and don’t really seem all that SaaSy… they’re pretty heavy on the agency side. This is understandable, but I suspect SaaS is where it’s at in future.
I think it makes sense to start building this as a productized service (will have to recruit a freelancer or two to help) as I’m testing, and then I’ll add SaaS elements to it with the goal of automating as much as possible over time. I’ll also try to get GPT-3 involved to get those sweet sweet efficiencies in the repurposing. I need this in my own life as I intend on staying a one-woman-venture-studio for as long as possible, so I’m actually really excited about trying to build this.
Tune into my Twitter in the coming days for all the nerdy build progress, and make sure you read next week’s newsletter to see how far I get in one week!
My best,
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