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(Mi)lly, Myself, and I #001

(Mi)lly, Myself, and I
The issue in which I take my doctorate in law and miraculously turn myself into a doctor of another sort, thus diagnosing - and hence now treating - my hitherto perplexing troubles as an entrepreneur.

Diagnosis: Ideation Overload
Several weeks ago, after what now seems like much unnecessary agonizing, I decided to stop working on someone else’s business full-time and instead dedicate my time, energy, and resources to my own ambitions.
Since that fateful decision, I’ve been suffering from an affliction known all too well in the maker community: ideation overload.
The main symptoms of ideation overload include:
  • A chronic and insatiable itch to start something new
  • Idiopathic idea generation and subsequent abandonment
  • Persistent desires to conquer industries one knows absolutely nothing about
And I’m afraid, my friends, that the diagnosis must be self-realized. As I disappointingly found out, no-one else can really help you with this.
The prospects of quick and effective treatment, however, are much more encouraging. Despite how attractive it might seem to try to think oneself out of the problem, the only viable means of managing and ultimately minimizing the above symptoms it to actually get sh*t done.
That’s right: the solution is simply to start.
So that’s exactly what I’m doing.
In the coming issues of this newsletter, I’ll be sharing with you my project ideas, build processes, growth strategies, and alllll the juicy juicy KPIs that we indie makers love so much.
That’s right - I’m abandoning the search for the Golden Idea, My One Thing, An All-Encompassing Mission, and I’m just going to start building things that I think could be useful.
As I said in a tweet recently…
Milly Barker-DeStefano
A portfolio of profitable unsexy businesses sounds real sexy right now.
As for my first project… well, I got my dog to decide for me:
Milly Barker-DeStefano ☕️
I just posted a tweet saying that I was going to randomly select one of these pieces of paper with a new project idea on, and spend the rest of October making it a reality.

Couldn't select one myself, so I had a little help...

Decision made! 🎉

My goal with all of this?
I have a few: One is to replace (then exceed) my old salary, one is to earn enough to cut my mother a fatttt check for her retirement, and another is simply to spend my time doing what makes me happy: ideating, building, growing, and hopefully selling business projects.
As for the newsletter itself, I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t self-imposed founder therapy… but there is another purpose.
I am deeply inspired the #buildinpublic community, and I am compelled to create and share the type of content that I love to consume. In doing so, I really do hope that you find this newsletter to be useful for your own projects, or at least that find my trials and tribulations to be an entertaining distraction from your own!
My best, as ever,
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Milly Barker-DeStefano
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