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👭Women in Coffee; 🇬🇧LDN Coffee Fest; 📊Automation Polls; 🎨Crazy Latte Art

Lot's of things happening in the coffeesphere this week, and I've done my best to filter through it f

Barista Hustle

April 11 · Issue #62 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Lot’s of things happening in the coffeesphere this week, and I’ve done my best to filter through it for you!

Women in Coffee
👭 Smart Girls Make Coffee is a Tumblr and Facebook community devoted to supporting and promoting women in coffee. Their first interview is of Australian-Norwegian super-babe Talor Browne.
The Coffee Woman is a quarterly newsletter and regional events edited by Laila Willbur (née Ghambari) and Tracy Ging. Here’s a video of their panel titled ‘The Coffee Professional’ held in Kansas City this February. All-star cast!
It’s great to see more groups and communities devoted to supporting, encouraging, & inspiring female coffee professionals. The job’s not over though, let’s keep fighting the good fight!
News From London Coffee Fest
🇬🇧 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is exhibiting Colonna Coffee’s specialty Nespresso capsules that are -by many accounts sent to me- “better than most espressos at the show”. Their website has seen a facelift and now details their three genres of coffee: Foundation, Discovery and Rare.
Jeremy Challender of Prufrock coffee is the newly crowned UK Brewers Cup Champion! He made a pressurised full immersion brew in a thermos. I have no idea on the details and want to know more from anyone there!
Barista Hustle Facebook Group
📊 Last week I posted this in the Facebook group. Needless to say it saw a lot of action; including 120 comments and a wonderfully balanced vote. Definitely recommended reading.

I’ve posted another poll in there, along a similar vein, in an attempt to understand the source of the friction with automation.
Ridiculous Latte Art
🎨 I don’t normally do latte art stuff but this guy is out of control.
Milk for better sleep?
🌙 Lullaby Milk only milks their cows at night, when they’re producing melatonin. Melatonin is a wonderful hormone I take to hasten jet-lag recovery, and indeed is produced in nearly all of you every single day as the sun goes down. A glass of milk that legit sends you to sleep sounds awesome, though possibly counter-productive for coffee professionals…
See You Next Week!
I’ll be at SCAA all week, including an appearance as co-emcee for the opening ceremonies! Make sure you attend, as I’ll be making a massive fool of myself. Look out for my best-of-show email next week!
To the boundaries of coffee,
Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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