✌🏻Trial the Advanced Coffee Making Course; 🍪USA vs AUS video; 🤓Winter Olympic water science

It's still Friday in the USA. 👊🏼
Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

February 17 · Issue #105 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

It’s still Friday in the USA. 👊🏼

Quick Updates and Housekeeping!
This week, we released a free trial of Advanced Coffee Making Course. You can enroll here to get Chapter 2: Extraction, take the quiz at the end, and walk away with a downloadable cheat sheet on some very useful Coffee Algebra. Get in on this now, peeps!
As far as BH Tools go, manufacturing and shipping are on hold due to the Chinese New Year until February 23. Cupping bowls and black tampers are on back order — pending orders will be shipped starting on February 24. 
By late March, Precision Milk Pitchers will be back in stock. We do have several resellers you can hit up for pitchers, too:
• United States: Prima Coffee (online) and Cafe Dulce (Los Angeles)
• Singapore: Bettr Barista Coffee Academy
• South Africa: Third Space
• Canada: Ratio Coffee & Pastry (British Columbia)
VLOG #5: FB Pending Posts & USA vs. AUS - YouTube
Cool Links To Make You Thinks
'Masculine culture' and micro barriers still major issues for women
Tamper Tantrum Podcast - TTSF: "From Riches to Rags?" | Alejandro Martinez, Finca Argentina | Free Listening on Podbean App
• Gimme! Coffee’s workers showing the power of unified action. Workers Unite 2833 has officially been ratified.
Some familiar water science being used to make the perfect ice at the 2018 Winter Olympics. This stuff is so niche and nerdy it hurts. And we love it.
A trivial problem reveals the limits of technology. If you’ve ever wondered why your printer jams, and why it isn’t easy - it’s the paper’s fault. Reminds us a lot of coffees limitations and frustrations.
• The first Spanish language coffee podcast, Coffee People MX!
• An oldie but a goodie: “Behavioral Research: A New Way to Understand Specialty Coffee” - Morten Munchow at Re:Co Gothenburg
Parisian Superlatives!!
Next month we head to Brazil with a funky (in a good way) “Beaujolais Methode” processed yellow bourbon, roasted by Cafe Lomi in Paris. This is another bean that’s been processed in a super cool way, and we’re so excited to share with y’all!
See You in 2 Weeks!
We’re currently gearing up for the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, and moving into a new HQ. Fun times! Stay tuned on the instagrams for details.

To the boundaries of coffee,
Barista Hustle
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