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The James Hoffmann Issue

James has been busy creating intelligent content while I have been organising the first release of

Barista Hustle

June 13 · Issue #71 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

James has been busy creating intelligent content while I have been organising the first release of Superlatives. Thanks mate! Here are his latest contributions to the world, followed by some extra-curricular interestingness.

Delicious is easy.
James details a strong argument on the faults of comparing coffee to fine dining. Instead, he suggests cocktails should be our alter ego: theyve mastered customer skills, consistency, a la minute service, and -most importantly- successfully charge consumers more for quality.
I pretty much agree with everything he said. If you dont, or just want to discuss, Ive set up a post in the Facebook group here.
Throwing Stones
Another thoughtful post by James:Partly in response to Mat Buchanans satirical anti-coffee piece in Eater, and partly addressed to us all. (both are good reads!)

TL:DR Matt - Specialty coffee is so masturbatory it fills one with enough anxiety to just drink coca cola.
TL:DR James - If theres insight to your criticism, and it leads to new ideas, then thats great. If its a complaint dressed in a costume of authority, then youre wasting everyones time.
The Jimseven Newsletter
James has finally yielded to popular demand and started a newsletter. It wont be entirely coffee: instead, hell be riffing on whatever takes up his brain cpu cycles: including tech, business, coffee, and, lets be honest, food. Im keen for issue #2.
Harold McGee on Stale Coffee
A cute n warm interview with the popular father of food science. Makes me wonder how much (and how) consumers really care about the quality we seek.

His book On food and Cooking, is a veritable tome. Highly recommended.
3D Printed V60 Paper Folder
An ultra-niche piece of equipment, but it does an annoying job quite admirably. Does anyone have any neat time/effort saving ideas like this to share?
The FB Group
See You Next Week!
As always, Im super keen to hear feedback and content ideas from any and all of you! Im right on the other side of the reply button
Thanks for reading!
To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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