🇺🇸 The BH USA Adventure; 😱 ICA withdrawal; 💦 Peak Water; 🤝 #CoffeeToo

Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

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Barista Hustle's American Adventure 🇺🇸
Matt, Michael, and Michelle are heading over to the United States to attend the Global Specialty Coffee Expo. We’ll also be in the crowd at Re:Co Symposium supporting Michelle as she talks about creating a positive culture in our Facebook group. She’ll present the results and comparisons of our two participation surveys, so stay tuned for that to come out at a later date!
After Seattle, the team will split up to divide and conquer San Francisco and Portland for some really fun and informative events. Keep reading!
San Francisco: We’re teaming up with Fellow Products to host an Advanced Coffee Making lecture at the Fellow Playground in the Mission District on Wednesday, April 25. Come equipped with your notebooks and have your questions ready for this intimate learning experience with Matt. Tickets are $35—we’ll post a link on our Instagram and Facebook pages so keep a close eye out. Space will be extremely limited!
Portland: For those that don’t know, Michelle is also known as The Chocolate Barista, promoting racial equity and inclusivity in the coffee industry. On Tuesday, April 24 from 6-9pm, she’s debuting her live podcast event, Black Coffee: A Dialogue on Race & Coffee Culture, in partnership with Sprudge. If you’re trailblazing down to Portland after SCA, you won’t want to miss this! 
As always, don’t hesitate to talk to us or give high fives if you see any of us around. We’re friendly and love meeting new people! 😊 It’ll also be Michael’s first time on US soil. Where should we take him? Chipotle? Whole Foods? Starbucks? 🤔
The Cool Link Roundup
Indigenous Trans Women in Colombia Work on Coffee Farms
The United States is Withdrawing from the International Coffee Agreement | Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
• Attending SCA? Consider bringing your own mug to taste coffee with to help cut down on potentially 420,000 disposable cups by the end of the conference. That’s a lot of waste!
• Starbucks just opened a fully immersive bean-to-cup learning experience on a running coffee farm in Costa Rica. 
• Pretty cool Kickstarter from Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, with a smartly designed gravity-fed, resin filter system, for creating great water fit for coffee.
The coffee scene over in Phoenix, Arizona— where Michelle came to us from—is booming. PHX represent! 
• “Most people knew Two Buck Chuck or Carlo Rossi, but now people know about a special vine in Napa,” [Mokhtar Alkhanshali] says. “My work is really about spreading the word about specialty coffee to the 99% of people who drink coffee every day but don’t know much about the diversity in the product.“
• Since a large portion of our community is on Facebook, it’s been interesting reading the discourse around Zuckerberg’s hearing. Sounds like everyone at TED Vancouver were talking about it too.
• Professor Steven Abbott is back again with a free ebook about solubility—ideal learning material and highly applicable to coffee for all you super nerds out there!
See You In Two Weeks!
No vlog for today, but we’ll be back in a couple weeks to dish about our trip to the States and all the coffee things we learned about and experienced. 
Orders for May Superlatives with Ben Toovey from Genovese Coffee are still open, so don’t forget to get your coffee secured! 
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