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During a month touring Europe with the Raw Hustle tour, BH hasn't stopped. We've launched our black a
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During a month touring Europe with the Raw Hustle tour, BH hasn’t stopped. We’ve launched our black aluminium tamper, moved into a new Melbourne office, and planned to ship Michelle Johnson across the world to join our efforts!

The Barista Hustle Ridiculously Excellent Super Precious Exotic Coffee Taster
The name has obviously changed, but the project that started off as a BH FB Group post has truly blossomed into what we think is a pretty kick-ass subscription service — Superlatives.
A year ago we shipped our first Superlatives out to an incredibly supportive and adventurous group of subscribers; a Geisha named Juliette. While we say this each month, we really need to hammer home this point: without your continuing support none of this would be possible, and we are so incredibly humbled and thankful for that support and trust you place in us.
Of course, Superlatives would also not be possible without the guest roasters involved each month. We’ve had some amazing coffees every month, so here’s the biggest thank you we can give to Gardelli Specialty Coffee, The Coffee Collective, Flight Coffee, Small Batch Roasting Co., George Howell Coffee, April Coffee Roasters, Koppi, Talor & Jørgen, Five Elephant, Manhattan Coffee Roasters, and Round Hill Roastery.
So here’s to the first year! 🎊🎉 And thank you so much to everyone involved! 
Speaking of Superlatives ...
This month’s Superlatives is a super-delicious Ethiopian roasted by Round Hill Roastery located in Bath, England. Bergamot, citrus, and blueberry as filter; nectarine, lychee, and honeysuckle as espresso — it’s lush, delicious, and a whole bunch of other superlatives 👈🏻😉👈🏻. Get your water sorted here with our concentrates, and let us know how you went in the comments over where we’ve got all the usual info and brew guides. You can also find out a little more about the team behind Round Hill Roastery here — along with how Inspector Norse fits in …
We’re getting pretty excited about our August guest roaster for Superlatives, so think about getting yourself a one-off bag, or sign up for the subscription. 
This Month on the Internets
Coffee & Race
“Racism and inequality are the most difficult topics to discuss.”
Phyllis Johnson doesn’t mess about getting to the point. In this Sprudge interview on questions of race in the coffee industry, Phyllis discusses this topic in a way that is simply honest and open.
From how we approach supporting farmers:
“The thought that what you’re doing, your small intervention, is completely saving their lives, is a disservice to them and to you”
To representation:
“We have to stop presenting black women and children as the poster child for poverty. I think that is a disservice to us because there are really hurting people who don’t fit that profile who are just as bad off, and they are hidden because global society doesn’t view them as being the poster child.”
To consumers:
“With its high price tag, do you think that specialty coffee has come to represent a certain social status?”
And gentrification:
“Gentrification as well doesn’t help bring black and brown people into cafes.”
Barista Hustle has first and foremost always been about helping the world make better coffee. There’s a lot of things that can fall under that umbrella, but a fundamental aspect of that is this: we can’t discuss coffee and push boundaries with members of our community, when not all members of our community are being treated equally. Phyllis sums that idea up perfectly:
“Coffee has been and, unfortunately in some ways, still is a vehicle for racism and unbalanced and inequitable relationships throughout the supply chain. We can’t glamorize altitude, varietals, and all the new inventions without addressing the history and its present effects of this product. To look at the heaviness of it and try to untangle some of that, that’s where the real work is and the real value is.”
US Coffee Champs Preliminaries
Most of the World Coffee Championships wrapped up last month in Budapest and we’ll see the final showdown of the Barista Competition in Seoul come November. All the while, the Barista Guild of America have already begun working on their next season of competitions for 2018. According to this release, accessibility seems to be top priority.
Through locally-hosted, regional compulsory versions of the Barista and Brewer’s Cup competitions, competitors will be able to compete with most of their wares (depending on the competition) and coffee provided for them.
This is just one of multiple pros for the preliminary round where factors like wares, competing fees, and travel costs can add up quickly and keep baristas from participating in US competitions. 
Queer Cup writer and Bay Area Counter Culture roaster, RJ Joseph does a pretty thorough breakdown of the positive and negative potentials of the new changes for next season in her post here
See You Next Month!
We’re knuckling down for the month of July to publish some useful content, release our next hardware product, and build our reseller network. Keep in touch via Instagram or our Facebook group - the conversations are still flowing every day!

To the boundaries of coffee,
The Barista Hustle Team
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