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June 6 · Issue #70 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

☕️💌🌎 This week I launched the first ever Barista Hustle product and the response was, honestly, staggering!
Thank you to everyone who typed out their credit card numbers. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your curiosity. I won’t let you down!
For those of you not in the know: Superlatives is where I find a ridiculously excellent coffee, roast it, fit it into a 60g envelope and airmail it anywhere in the world for USD$18/AUD$25. 
I sold out in about 12 hours, with more maybe possibly being released tomorrow (I’ll announce on all my social medias and the FB Group).
Now’s probably a good time to talk about this project, where I see it going, and just how little money I actually made!
This is the only email I will ever send you that’s primarily about Superlatives. There’s plenty of interest and it’s relevant, so I feel it’s ok this once. Unsubscribe link is at the bottom if you please.
What's the Goal?
The goal for Barista Hustle has been to make high-level information freely available. (So far so good.)
For Superlatives, I want to make ultra-high-level coffee affordable and accessible. (Getting there.)
I’m talking about the coffees that get people into coffee. The COE winning lots that you never get to taste. The wild exotic coffees that people talk about while staring wistfully at the horizon. You know the ones.
Who Wins?
Hopefully, everybody.
  • Producers will get higher prices for quality coffee (I’m also donating $1/order to a cause that’s relevant to where the coffee came from).

  • Exporters will become known, and hopefully gain notoriety, for finding exquisite coffees (please reply if this is what you do and you have one!).

  • Roasters -not just Sensory Lab- will be showcased and celebrated (please reply if you have a 90+ insane crazy coffee to share).

  • Coffee professionals will enjoy and share the best that our industry has to offer. Duh.

  • And finally, I’m hoping consumers jump on board and discover how magical coffee can be (something that’s ultimately good for everyone reading this).
What's Next?
Apart from the minor logistical nightmare of the first release, I’m gearing up for more. Much more.
I’m planning to make superlatives a monthly subscription. We’re hunting coffees, and building web services. Stay tuned for more information here, on the FB Group, and across my social medias. I won’t be so quiet next time.
BH has always been about transparency and openness, and I don’t see that changing with Superlatives. If anything, it becomes much more important.
For starters, here’s my live revenue dashboard.
This was a small first release, so there’s almost zero economies of scale. Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of where your $18 went (all in USD):
$5.86 - Coffee, Shipping, Import, Roasting, Packing
$5.25 - Envelopes, Printing, Filling, Shipping
$0.37 - Packaging
$0.74 - Donation (I’ll make this USD$1 when I get a USD bank account)
$1.11 - Credit Card Fees, Currency Conversion
$0.37 - Misc. ecommerce

$13.70 - Total (NB Wages and Taxes aren’t considered. They make it go very, very negative 😬).
I feel it’s priced very fairly, and from the response I can tell a lot of you agree! Thanks!
I’ll be asking for feedback on crazy ideas in the FB group. So if you’re keen to shape how this evolves, make sure to get involved in there!
Barista Hustle Community
I’ve been working on something to help us keep track of all the information that’s being shared by the awesome BH community. There’s heaps of it, and we need a central repository to generate and store it all so anyone can benefit.

The things I’ve tried before (coffeehustle, the Slack, blog comments and the FB group) have all had certain strengths, but are all ultimately flawed for this purpose. Fail fast and fail often, they say.

I’m about a week away from launching a hybrid forum/Q&A/wiki web app that’s fast, simple, and quite powerful. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll leave this here…
BH Facebook Group
What happened this week? Here are the most active posts:
See You Next Week!
As always, I’m keen for your feedback, ideas and especially criticism by replying to this email.
To the boundaries of coffee!

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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