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Barista Hustle

May 30 · Issue #69 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

An Interview with Kevin Kelly
🤖 There are many people spouting hyperbole and superstition about the role of machines in the future. Kevin Kelly -founder of Wired magazine and polymath extraordinaire (his personal website is a treasure trove)- is one of the most knowledgable and sane visionaries on the matter. He was recently interviewed by the American Enterprise Institute and asked “Should we really fear the robots?”. Two key quotes:
Everything that we’ve already automated with power, now we’re going to automate with intelligence.
Our job will be making more jobs for the robots, and that job will never be done.
Poignant and relevant article for everyone reading!
Yet More Low Pressure Talk!
🏀Mat North of Full Court Press Coffee in Bristol wrote a solid companion piece to Michael Cameron’s low pressure opus last week, that I carelessly omitted. 
Lots of physics details (that are easy to decipher) and plenty of input from Greg Scace himself. Some salvation for the Mythos, and a sensibly egalitarian conclusion “we need to be more flexible in our approach to espresso brewing”. Highly recommended.
Let's Change Customer Feedback: Update
🎯THANK YOU to everyone that threw me a couple dollars! I have more than enough to make this thing happen, and have already hired a freelancer.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Cafes can buy an inexpensive button from or and connect it to a super easy web service called IFTTT that sends every button press to a google spreadsheet you download from me. (5 mins max. That’s it for set up.) A script in that spreadsheet counts the presses (of multiple buttons if need be) and emails you or a slack channel a summary at the close of business each day. 
This will be free to access for anyone. 
Addendum: A few people emailed me directly worried that I want to get rid of real human-to-human customer feedback. Not so.
I’m just very sceptical of the all too familiar “How’s your coffee?” “Oh it’s great thanks” that comes out of almost every customer’s brain on auto-pilot. Whether it’s because they’re too afraid to speak up or they just don’t care: I’m hungry for another avenue to receive feedback.
David Schomer's Still Got It
🎂It’s the twentieth anniversary of Barista bible Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques (almost to the month!) and you thought David was old news. Wrong!
Espresso Vivace just posted this gem on their instagram: a 1.5mm metal chain curtain that combs the coffee as it comes out of the grinder’s mouth. Never breaks (ahem Mythos chute), shouldn’t create too much back pressure (ahem Robur grille) and wouldn’t look out of place in an etsy shop. Well played.
The Facebook Group
🌐Still going strong and dishing up the good conversations. If you haven’t already, please do join in! (we’ll accept your request ASAP)
This week:
See You Next Week!
I’m itching to get my top-shelf coffee mail-out project (Barista Hustle Superlatives) happening as soon as possible. I know (more than a thousand of) you are super keen, and I’ll be launching it as soon as we have ticked every box and can guarantee success. Cannot wait!
Until then I’ll be working super hard to make it a reality.

To the boundaries of coffee,
Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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