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Barista Hustle

August 22 · Issue #81 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Roast Development and Colour
🎨 This week I’ve seen a bit of discussion across the various BH platforms about roasting, and feel like there’s a bit of confusion about development and roast colour. I wrote this post to help everyone understand these terms, and also made up a simple graphic for the visually inclined.
Roast Development and Colour - Barista Hustle
Barista IQ Test
💡 Prufrock’s Jeremy Challender on “the dilemma of the independent cafe trying to work out where to position itself on the quality vs quantity continuum”.
The IQ Grader | Prufrock Coffee
Coffee by Jason Scheltus
When I moved to Melbourne in 2010, it was primarily to learn from Jason Scheltus, one of the founders of Market Lane Coffee. This is a book for coffee lovers and beginners, but I’d also recommend it to professionals. Jason thinks about coffee from the consumer’s perspective with great clarity, and this book looks to be an interesting distillation of those thoughts.
Coffee by Jason Scheltus
Facebook Group
As the facebook group grows, we’re seeing the post frequency increase. This means we’re rejecting more posts to keep the conversations focused, post quality high, and newsfeeds un-spammed. 
We’re also getting a bit of pushback from people who don’t know why their post was rejected. To improve transparency we’ve come up with a solution that requires a fair bit more work for the moderators. Check out the changes here.
And of course, my favourite discussions of the week:
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Barista Hustle
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