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Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

May 11 · Issue #110 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Thanks USA!
Matt, Michelle, and Michael are all back from their trip to Seattle, Washington where they attended SCA Expo and Re:Co Symposium. We blew up social media with our live tweets and Instagram stories of all the Re:Co talks, so be sure to check them out! Michelle rocked the Re:Co stage with her talk, “Space Bar: Social Dynamics of An Online Coffee Forum”, presenting the results of our two Facebook Group Participation Surveys. Thank you all again for taking part in that, and we’ll release those findings soon.
The Advanced Coffee Making lecture in San Francisco was a huge success as well. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to Team Fellow for hosting! 
Updates & Looking Ahead
If you’re on the look out for products, look no further! 
Barista Hustle Cupping Bowls and 400ml Precision Milk Pitchers in stainless steel are in stock and ready for shipping! Space Black sold out super quick and won’t be back in stock for quite some time (they are available over on Prima Coffee’s website for US customers). The good news is that 600ml pitchers for both colours are coming very soon. Stay tuned! 
Black tampers will be back towards the end of the month and better than ever. We’ll leave it at that though 😉
We’re inching closer to the launch of our next online course which will be on milk science and latte art! Our excitement continues to grow as we move along with editing, filming, and other special features. We really think y'all will enjoy what we have in store for you. 
Barista Hustle 2.0?
Speaking of courses, not only are more on the way, but we’ve been thinking — what would it look like if we offered all of our future education on a more affordable subscription model? What incredible communities and opportunities could be created? 
We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on such a thing — take this very quick survey and let us know!
Cool Links & Reads
Language Barriers Affect The Entirety Of The Coffee Supply Chain
• That feel when your demitasse spoons keep disappearing, so you create a study to prove it. 
• Michelle’s live podcast event, Black Coffee, was a massive success and you can listen to it now!
• “They froth milk and add a squiggle of latte art on top. That’s it.” - Matt Perger
• Mother’s Day is upon us, and wouldn’t it be nice to gift her with coffee produced, exported, bought, and roasted by women? 
• Becca Woodard of George Howell Coffee competed — and won! — in the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship in Seattle last month. Three kettles pouring simultaneously using a porcelain Walküre Bayreuth pourover brewer …? It was pretty impressive — and she has things to say.
See You In Two Weeks!
We’ll be back in a fortnight with more news, interesting reads, and a new vlog to show off our pretty faces. 😊Until next time!
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