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Barista Hustle has changed a lot since February 2015, and I don't think it'll ever stand still. This
Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

October 7 · Issue #87 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Barista Hustle has changed a lot since February 2015, and I don’t think it’ll ever stand still. This email marks a couple of significant changes to improve quality and focus. I hope you like them!

Quick note: This month’s subscription is the Kenyan Kieni from Coffee Collective. It placed 2nd in the World Brewers Cup this year and is an absolute stunner. I have a few spare 100g envelopes up for grabs for US$22 shipped anywhere in the world. Head here to snap one up for yourself, or look at the huge info page I put together with Klaus and Mikaela to drool over it.

The Email is Now Monthly
A monthly email will be far more curated, considered, and ultimately more valuable.
Instead of waiting for other people to do interesting things so I can write about them, I’ll be spending more time doing them myself. This means a range of things: improving the subscription, spending more time discussing things with you all in the facebook group, and increasing the staff size of Barista Hustle to speed up the R&D.
Save the date: 1st Friday of each month. Ready for your weekend reading pleasure.
The Facebook Group is Getting Serious(er)
With such an amazing and diverse group of moderators, I’ve decided to let them decide what gets discussed; rather then relying on a random stream of questions (though all questions will still be collected for later use). 
Look out for weekly themes, deeper conversations, harder questions, and a stronger focus on collecting that information.
The Forum Be Closing
You probably think I’m mad. And that’s cool. The forum is doing ok, but it’s a distraction that I can’t fully attend to right now. I’d rather focus all my energy on making the facebook group absolutely amazing and engaging, and summarising that on the blog.
This is one of those one step back for two steps forward kind of thing. If you’re not a facebook user, I’m sorry, and I’ll be working on an archive or something similar for the existing topics.
Consulting Will Be Dabbled In
I have lots of plans for BH that need a lot of hyper intelligent humans on the team. This promises to be a great way to build Barista Hustle into something much much bigger; to tackle research and development that I just can’t execute on my own. To all of you who have reached out previously, or thought about it, please get in touch by replying to this email. 
It’ll be like my usual consulting via email correspondence: by the hour, paid upfront, and we keep track of time spent. I’m up for all things cafe, roastery, brewing, competition, and equipment. And this will expand as more humans hop on board. 
Note: hours will be very very limited per month, and based on my current query frequency they won’t last long.
BH Goes 中文
Starting in a couple weeks, the entire BH Blog will be published post-by-post in Chinese on WeChat. The subscription coffees will be following close behind.
If you’re on there, add BHZhongwen to stay in the loop!
See You Next Week... er... Month!!
I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to make an absolute stunner of an email for you next month, which is usually the best way to motivate me.
Can’t wait to brighten up your inboxes in November. In the meantime, I’ll be super active in the Facebook Group!
To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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