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🔨 My Anti-Anti-Refractometer Rant, ✨ The Golden Age of Coffee


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September 12 · Issue #84 · View online
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Higher Extraction is always better. Unless it isn't.
🔨 I’m pretty bored of coffee professionals renouncing refractometers with phrases like “it’s a shame to see Baristas driven by numbers” and “we don’t use refractometers to dictate what we serve to our customers”. It’s lazy, wilful ignorance.
This week’s post by me is a series of rebuttals to these silly phrases. It’s a bit of a rant, but I just want everyone to move away from this crippling anti-intellectualism.
The Golden Age of Coffee?
✨ Peter Giuliano is at it again on Pax Coffea, his blog. In his newest post Why I Believe We’re Witnessing the Beginning of an Age of Wonder in Coffee he waxes lyrical about the forces now at play in the coffee science-sphere. It’s exciting times.
UC Davis, the SCAE/SCAA merger, Texas A&M, and the WCR are all going to do wonderful things for coffee science. What I feel compelled to add here is that anyone can do science. You don’t need a lab or crazy funding to do science. Please don’t sit back and rely on these bodies to spoon feed the secrets of coffee to you. Get off the couch, formulate some strong questions using socratic questioning, plan and write a useful hypothesis, design an experiment using the scientific method, and benefit from your own research.
I’d also recommend checking out this NPR article on the wildly popular “Design of Coffee” course at UC Davis. Sounds super fun!
Barista Hustle Facebook Group
This week we flew past 11,000 members and the now 18-strong mod team have been diligently replying to every post request. There’s going to be a quantum leap in how Barista Hustle does this whole question/answer thing in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!
  • Smoking and coffee. The psychological and physiological effects for Baristas.
  • Oat Milk. Does anyone out there have experience and/or an opinion? We’d love to hear it!
  • Cupping vs Brewing. Why is it so different?
  • Decaf. Mountain Water vs KVW vs Swiss Water. What’s best?
  • When hiring a barista, do you have any interview questions or approaches to hiring that work particularly well for you? (more than 50 comments!!!)
The Subscription
30% of customers across all continents have received their coffee less than a week after it was shipped. A big step up!
The coffee this month was a Kenyan roasted by Rubens Gardelli, Italian Roasting and Brewers Cup Champ. It’s light, bright, fruity and clean as a whistle. Check out all the gory details here!
See You Next Week!
As always, if you have any coffee questions or just want to say hello, please just reply to this email. I’m right on the other side 😀

To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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