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MICE 2018!
This time next week, we’ll be right in the middle of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo! We’ll be alongside St. Ali selling equipment, conducting coffee cuppings, and making tasty coffees for the people. 
We’re excited to be joined by Kuura, and Decent Espresso. A few of our favorite Superlatives roasters will be featured on an Eversys Cameo machine, too. Our booth will be hype with activity! 
If you’re not at MICE, don’t worry. We’ll be exploring the show floor on Instagram Live, talking to other exhibitors and giving an inside look on any cool equipment launches. 
If you’re a lady coffee professional, Barista Connect is happening here in town on March 19-20. The lineup of speakers includes many Melbourne greats, and Michelle will be conducting a talk on social media influence through a coffee lens, too! Grab your tickets while they’re still available.
In the Facebook Group? Take Our Survey!
We’re still taking responses for the Facebook Participation Survey. It won’t take more than a few minutes, so please fill it out! As leaders, it’s important for us to know how to best serve our community. We want to ensure everyone feels comfortable contributing. Since our community is so globally diverse, there’s a massive opportunity for collaboration and learning. The more we can positively exchange fresh ideas, the better it can be for our entire industry. 🤜🤛 
Friday Guest Vlog — European Coffee Trip
Melbourne Coffee Trip & Barista Hustle Office | ECT Weekly #047 - YouTube
We’re really busy getting ready for MICE, so no vlog this week. But peep this one from our friends at European Coffee Trip. We gave them a small tour of our South Melbourne office. 🤙
Cool Link Roundup
Kenya Is Slowly Running Out of Coffee Farmers
• Photographs revealing the social and environmental impact inherent in coffee production may not be as welcome, but they are no less important.

• If you’re in the US, coffee companies are participating in a nationwide fundraiser for the ACLU
• The revolution will not be televised. It will be automated.
• Women seem to be prepared, and not at all threatened, by the impact of automation on their job security. 
• Coffee media is on the rise in producing countries! Check out Brazil’s first coffee-focused podcast.
• Michelle and Matt are kind of fascinated by coffee lid design. Maybe we’ll have to design our own… 🤔
• Latte-Art™️: yes, it’s trademarked. This gizmo popped up on Matt’s instagram feed to much delight.
Lomi Superlatives Landing, Geisha Coming Soon
March Superlatives with Cafe Lomi have just started landing around the world! It’s tasting boozy, creamy, and just damn delicious. We hope those of you receiving yours enjoy it as much as we do. (If you’re at MICE, stop by our booth to get a shot of it. 😉) 
Small Batch Roasting Co. is up next with a geisha from Colombia. Orders are still open for a couple more weeks, so secure a bag for your tasting pleasure
See You Soon!
We’ll be back post-MICE with heaps of nerdy coffee stuff we know you love. <3

To the boundaries of coffee,
Team Barista Hustle
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