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💣Lyn Weber Workshops; 💗For Rashel; 😡Just serve it


Barista Hustle

March 21 · Issue #59 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Lyn Weber Workshops
💣 If you’ve been reading these emails, you’ll have heard about Lyn Weber Workshops and their highly anticipated, soon to be released EG-1 coffee grinder.
The EG-1
I’ve been spending some time with LWW’s dynamic founding duo -Douglas and Craig- to learn about their methods and madness, and to see if our visions for the future of coffee equipment are aligned. As it turns out, we’re all on the same page. So similar in fact, that we all thought it would be a great idea for me to join their illustrious Board of Directors.
This seat is a non-monetary position. Less “corporate”, and more “let’s hang out and make cool shit happen”.
I’ve never seen a coffee equipment manufacturer move so fast, design so thoughtfully, manufacture so elegantly, laugh so hard, and tick so many boxes without compromise. These guys are the real deal, and will no doubt pull the rug out from under a lot of feet. I’m thrilled to be a part of their team.
This week I spent some solid time with Douglas in Melbourne, nutting out the details of a few projects (read: croissants and wine). We’ve hit the ground running and I can’t wait to share what we’re working on when the time comes.
For Rashel
This week, the international coffee community has pooled together -yet again- to help one of our own in need. Rashel (the Irish Brewers Cup Champion!) has experienced a major setback in her fight against cancer, and her family seriously needs help.
So far, they’ve pulled together $42,000 with a gofundme campaign. An incredible sum in such a short time! If you have a moment or a dime to spare, I implore you to head to the campaign to help out.
Thanks Coffee Industry - you’re full of love and the best people out. 💗
Just Serve It
😡Chris Baca uploaded a video focusing on one of my pet peeves: remaking espressos.
He makes a lot of good points. Here’s my one addition:

If you have to remake an espresso (or dial in the grinder) when a fellow coffee professional orders an espresso, what the hell were you serving all the regular customers?!?
Enough said.
From the BH Facebook Group...
💡Here’s a few lessons I learnt this week from the burgeoning BH Facebook community (2893 members and counting):
Cafe Wastage/Recycling Hacks
Keep unused/stale batch brew for chilled drinks.
Use spent coffee grounds as a mushroom soil/fertiliser/exfoliant.
Turn waste coffee into an ink for screen printing.
Flow Rate
It’s better to call the rate at which your espresso pours ‘flow rate’ and the rate at which your machine dispenses water from the head 'water debit’.
Sasa Sestic’s OCD Tool
As yet, nobody has done real tests on this thing. Keen.
Barista's Guide to the Galaxy
🐳I’ve been constantly adding links to the Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s on track to be the most popular page on the whole website!
If you have any links to add, please submit them at the bottom of the page.
See You Next Week!
It’s been a massive week with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (congrats to Hugh Kelly for taking out the Aussie Barista Championship!) so I’m ready for some quiet thinking time this week. Hopefully I’ll have something good for you!

To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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