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Keep it Simple
Coffee people love to complicate things. But is it really necessary? Matt’s written up a list of things to tackle first when diagnosing a coffee brewing problem!
The Great Distribution Tool Debate rages on!
We’re neck deep in designing and 3d printing tools to analyse what’s going on in our baskets! Here’s a sneak peek of the current design, but there’s still a lot of room to improve before we go full speed on testing. If you’re keen on the project, read more about it here or even give us a hand by funding our work.
DIY Water Video
Our resident Queen Hypebeast Michelle has put together a pretty cool video for making your own water, for all the peeps who need the visuals for making water at home or work. Michelle shows how super easy it is to pick up some Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, and pure water then DIY some water for coffee.
The two concentrate bottles are your keys to the neighbourhood, but you also gotta spend some time looking around. We’ve made it easy with some recipes to start you off in our post here, but truly half the fun is experimenting. Remember your magnesium extracts the flavour, the buffer organises the flavour — and there’s a balance of the two that should suit everyone. So keep the total weight (buffer, magnesium, pure/distilled/deionised/RO water) at 1000g, but play around with different levels of buffer and magnesium.
Distilling this down (swidt?) the things to remember are total mineral content and the relationship to each other of buffer and magnesium. If you’re down using Melbourne water and the cup is lacking some oomph, ramp up the recipe to “Hard”. Too much oomph (is that a thing?) head the other way. If it’s tasting a little acidic, lower the magnesium; a little roasty, beef up the buffer a touch. It’s all a journey to discover what water the coffee was roasted to, as you try to speak the same “language”. So watch the video, take the keys, and scout out the neighbourhood! 
The BH Online Universe
We’re forever humbled by the strong and growing support of the Barista Hustle community. The entirety of our online universe is made up of tens of thousands of humans spanning the globe. While it is oftentimes overwhelming for just the three of us to manage, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have rad people, like our Facebook moderators group, and others to help us keep things fun and fresh. 
The private Facebook group (anyone can join!) and Community Forum are subcommunities created for interesting coffee discussion and questions in a range of topics.  Here’s some discussions happening right now:
These communities are the driving force behind Barista Hustle, and there’s truly no us without you! We take pride in providing a space for coffee humans with varying levels of experience, who all inhabit many corners of the entire industry. Our ultimate goal is to untap the full potential of the coffee industry — having a diverse pool of thoughts and ideas for everyone to engage with is going to help us all get there. 
But to ensure this within our community, we are establishing some very clear guidelines. So, without further ado…
The Barista Hustle Community Guidelines
It is very important to us to foster a healthy community so anyone and everyone can feel a part of it, no matter who they are and where they are in their coffee journey. To pull from the Community Guidelines:
We aim to engage in meaningful, professional, friendly discussions surrounding coffee. A fundamental goal of Barista Hustle is to help the world make better coffee — and there is a lot that falls under that umbrella. So we want to talk about the deep and meaningful, the scientific and technical, the broader industry-wide topics, and the smaller individual level aspects. We want to talk about all the important stuff. 
We want to make sure everyone has space to talk about the important stuff, and the guidelines outline what we expect in order to do so. Everyone must abide by the Community Guidelines if you’re going to engage in any part of the online BH universe. Please take the time to read them thoroughly, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments! 
Speaking of Participation and Engagement...
Over the last few months, we’ve become quite aware of some imbalances in participation and problematic discussion practices in our Facebook group. We were afraid there were people rescinding participation in the group, as a whole, due to feeling unsafe or their ideas disrespected. 
We wanted to collect some data and hear from Facebook group members about their participation. The responses have been incredibly eye-opening, and has been essential in helping us at Barista Hustle create an actionable plan to make our community more intentionally inclusive of all coffee peeps! 
The Community Guidelines are a critical first step in this plan, but there’s much more we plan to do. It would be helpful to get as much feedback as possible, so fill out the survey (We also have it in Spanish here) if you haven’t already. It’ll be open just a few more days!
Huge thanks to everyone who’s offered critical feedback so far. We’re going to do everything we can to make this community the best it could be, and it won’t happen without everyone’s involvement and help!
September Superlatives
For September we’re staying in Costa Rica with Francesco Sanepo, three-time Italian Barista champion, of Ditta Artigianale in Florence. This is a super-cool coffee, using anaerobic fermentation to process the beans. It’s a fascinating process, using previously chosen mucilage, hermetically sealed tanks, along with specific temperatures, pH, time, pressure, and brix degrees. The end result is an incredibly sweet coffee tasting of apple pie and cinnamon. If you’re starting spring or autumn this should really suit the mood.
This hits all the notes for Superlatives; amazing area in the West Valley of Costa Rica, unique anaerobic fermentation process for the beans, talented roasting hands from Francesco Sanepo in Florence, all shipped directly to your mail box in over 42 countries.
We’re lucky to have a few bags left, so head here to snag a bag before they all go — they won’t last the weekend! It’s an incredible coffee you really should try while you have the chance. 
Brick and Mortar!
We’ve moved into our office/laboratory/workshop/secret lair. Systems are nearly go and we’re super excited. 😬

This is the end of the email so here's a sneak peak of the quiet wall. Shhh
This is the end of the email so here's a sneak peak of the quiet wall. Shhh

To the boundaries of coffee,
Team Barista Hustle
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