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📐 How to Align an EK43


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September 19 · Issue #85 · View online
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EK43 Alignment
Every time I’ve tried to make this video something went wrong. My apologies, but I hope better is late than never.
Alignment is really key. It could be the cheapest and most drastic improvement you’ll ever make to your espressos. 
How Do I know If It's Aligned?
Easy! I made a quick audio guide. You’ll be able to hear 4 different levels of alignment, and play it alongside your own grinder to check. 
When listening, imagine all those teeth around the exterior of the burr brushing each other. If it’s misaligned there’ll be one “chirp” per revolution, where one tooth is knocking on the other burr. If the burrs are indeed aligned then there will be more than one tooth hitting the other burr, which will make more of a blended, dense noise. It’s pretty obvious.
How to check if your EK43 is aligned well - YouTube
How Do I Align It?
I’m glad you asked! The following is a 9 minute video detailing every step. It should take you no longer than an hour, and only needs to be done once per set of burrs.

This method can also be applied to other flat bur grinders. 
Please unplug your grinder before playing with it!
How to Align an EK43 Grinder - YouTube
I Won't See You Next Week!
I’m off to NYC for Tamper Tantrum, so next week there’ll be some guest authors for The Hustle. Make sure you open it up!

To the boundaries of coffee,
Matt Perger
Barista Hustle

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