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Joining the burgeoning Barista Hustle ranks besides Matt Perger's mate Michael, we have the original
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Joining the burgeoning Barista Hustle ranks besides Matt Perger’s mate Michael, we have the original Chocolate Barista Michelle Johnson. Social Coffee Activist, Sprudgie award winner, and all-round salty spice bringer, Barista Hustle only improves with her views and ideas on board.  It’s great having her on the team, and helping out with everything Matt and Michael are terrible at. So sharing the work, this is all the news about the brews from Matt, Michael, and Michelle (aka M³, duh).

Make Coffee Inclusive Again
The coffee interwebs have been nothing short of heated these last few weeks, and if you ask us, we couldn’t be more jazzed about it. Some thought-provoking, critical dialogue about equality and inclusion in the industry has been happening over on what’s being dubbed, #CoffeeTwitter
If Twitter is your social media jam, I highly recommend engaging in the hot takes from our industry’s very own. As always, the Barista Hustle Facebook group (almost 17k members!) and online forum are also places to create and continue these conversations too.
Speaking of hot takes, as national coffee competitions are wrapping up around the world, many are thinking about how to make these events more accessible to the ones who could benefit most — baristas. Finances can play a major role in keeping baristas from participating in events regionally, nationally, and globally. RJ Joseph, Counter Culture Coffee’s Bay Area roaster, penned multiple alternatives to getting involved in the industry, especially if on a budget. 
Promoting inclusivity within coffee doesn’t just stop at physical accessibility. It carries over into other aspects, too, like marketing. This awesome piece by Bailey Arnold of Gregory’s Coffee talks about all the ways coffee posters can be exclusive to the community it’s marketing to. Take note of the creative examples of tight coffee posters shown throughout. You can never go wrong with an octopus slaying four ‘cinos at once!
A step we can all work on taking towards creating a more inclusive coffee community is degendering our language on all sides of the bar. Gendering has deep roots in the service industry, and as hospitality professionals, we’re used to addressing people as “ladies and gentlemen”, “ma'am”, or “sir”. 
In this article, RJ hits us with that real once again: 
…Instead of trying to guess everyone’s gender and sometimes getting it wrong, we can replace gendered language with gender-neutral language. That way, with a little work, everyone wins.
You may notice that “people” and “humans” are some of our favorites to use at Barista Hustle, and “folks” and “friends” are coming in close second. It takes a bit of practice to unlearn, but when creating inclusive spaces for all that enjoy specialty coffee, it’s worth it!
At Barista Hustle we’re all about helping the world make better coffee, and achieving that requires helping each other be better people!
The cool hashtag that’s gaining some heat 🔥😎❄️
Ashley Tomlinson from The Little Black Coffee Cup has a smart interview with Specialty Coffee’s resident scientist, Christopher Hendon – Water for Coffee co-author and soon to be Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon.
While Chris (along with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Matt, and a bunch of other humans) focused their ground-breaking paper on grinding physics, it’s the freezing beans aspect that’s gaining attention. Helped by George Howell’s efforts with freezing green, Hendon’s own speech on cryogenics and coffee at Re;Co, and Kyle Ramage using frozen beans on the way to winning the USBC title — freezing beans is starting to look very cool …
For those just catching on the #freezebeansnotpeas protocol is fairly straightforward: vacuum seal your beans then freeze them (don’t just throw the bag into the freezer!). The benefits are becoming pretty hard to ignore.
Storage is a big one; the colder you go the slower the staling process. Most domestic freezers get down to around -18°C, almost stopping that process completely. As Chris says, you’re essentially taking a snapshot of that coffee at the state it went into the freezer. Added bonus: you get more fines (mo’ fines, mo’ flavor) along with a known grind profile; so dial in once, write down your settings, and they’ll stay virtually the same next week, next month, or next year!
So once more for those at the back: #freezebeansnotpeas. 
Tampers, China, Europe!
Matt’s been busy in China overseeing final production of the Barista Hustle Black Aluminium Tamper. Some bases needed repolishing, and we’ve moved to an even sexier surface finish under the anodising, but everything’s on track to ship this month! (head here if you want to pre-order one with free worldwide shipping or reply to this email if you’d like to distribute/re-sell).
Manufacturing is turning out to be a very rewarding and valuable journey. We’re constantly improving our designs (all design is done in-house), and striving to work with better factories all the time. Keep an eye out for our new milk pitcher project, dropping soon!
Final sample of the aluminium tamper. Confirmed and accepted!
Final sample of the aluminium tamper. Confirmed and accepted!
June Superlatives
This month we’re back in Kenya for some fresh-crop SL 28 & 34 goodness, roasted by the young team at Manhattan Coffee Roasters.  Brought to you by four-time latte art champion and current Dutch Cup Tasters Champion Esther Maasdam, along with the #latteartcowboy Ben Morrow, we’re stoked to be bringing your their first offering as our June Superlatives. We’ve still got about 50 bags available for one-off purchase, but they won’t last long — you should really grab one while you can! 
See You Next Month!
Matt here - I’ll be traveling around Europe after World of Coffee in Budapest. If you’re in Amsterdam, Berlin, or Copenhagen, I might be doing a shared lecture/cupping with Matt Graylee, co-founder of Raw Material Coffee. We’ll be talking about interesting future things! If you’re keen, stay in the loop via the Barista Hustle Facebook Page and our instagram as we’ll be selling limited seats at each event.
To the boundaries of coffee,

Michelle, Michael, and Matt
The Barista Hustle Team
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