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SCA Expo Tech and Gear Highlights
At expo, 7 coffee professionals gathered to host a panel to ‘further propel the conversation of intersectionality within the coffee industry’. 
I’m not talking about any gadgets or equipment I saw at expo. If we want to move forward and innovate this is honestly more important. Read on.
What’s intersectionality you ask? It’s a concept often used in critical theories to describe the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia etc.) are so intertwined that they cannot be analysed separately from one another. In other words: lumping all the assholes together because they’re a big powerful team, playing dirty, and need to be stopped.
Kimberlé Crenshaw might be proud of the coffee industry’s seminal efforts to examine its intersectionality of late; there’s many a good conversation happening right now. If you’re reading this email there’s a +70% chance you’re male and a high chance you enjoy some kind of privilege stemming from an oppressive institution. If that hurt, I strongly encourage you join one of these conversations and get used to it.
Read this transcript of the panel dutifully penned by Sprudge. Or, listen to the podcast hosted by I Brew My Own Coffee.
We’re hosting a discussion about it all on Barista Hustle’s facebook group. The panelists are literally in there helping people and it’s magic. Get involved, yo.
Water Recipes 2.0
Water is hard (heh). Luckily, Michael Cameron -my right hand man at BH- has been up late for weeks figuring out a way to help all of you explore water for yourselves. Here it is: the DIY Water Guide 2.0.

He’s removed the hard math, created two easy concentrates, and listed out a few different interesting waters from around the world for you to try. It’s actually really easy!!
A few of the waters you'll be able to try.
A few of the waters you'll be able to try.
New Toys!!!
We released a black aluminium version of the Barista Hustle tamper. It’s up for pre-orders for $50 with free shipping worldwide. The first batch is being swept up real quick because this thing is sexy.
Less Twitter. More Forum.
Barista Hustle is turning off our twitter account in favour of other mediums of communication. Namely our Facebook Group and Instagram channels, and the community forum.

A while back I was in an emotional state, shipping coffee monthly to 50 countries as a solo business owner, and couldn’t imagine managing a forum as well. Now with Michael on board we’re actually tracking pretty well, and I’ve re-opened the BH community forum to new signups and topics. There’s a lot to talk about, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in there!
May Superlatives: Five Elephant
This Month’s Superlatives coffee is a crazy-fruity Brazilian roasted by Five Elephant in Berlin. To learn more about Five Elephant we sat down for an interview with founder Kris Schackman. He’s rational, and has opinions, and I like it!!
Their staff also put together some kickass videos for the subscribers:
We’re now taking orders for next month, which is being roasted by the one and only Latte Art Cowboy Ben Morrow!
Coffee is the leased of your worries...
While extraction theory, EK alignment, and particle size distribution are all worthy topics of discussion here at Barista Hustle, these all mean nothing if you’ve not got a shop to experiment in. Jared Lawler has graciously given us a fascinating view on the business side of coffee, with a solid list of points to consider when taking out a lease on a building. If you’re thinking of opening a cafe this is gold!
See You Next Month!
Peace out everyone. Don’t forget to read of listen to the panel from above. This stuff is major 🔑🔑🔑!

To the boundaries of coffee,
The Barista Hustle Team
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