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December - Want to own a coffee farm? A plastic tamper. 3rd Wave Wichteln.

A wonderfully active month in the coffeesphere, and a calculated delay so I could hit your inbox just

Barista Hustle

December 3 · Issue #89 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

A wonderfully active month in the coffeesphere, and a calculated delay so I could hit your inbox just as a certain kickstarter goes live. 😉

Would you like to own a coffee farm?
The answer is probably yes, but you’re thinking “that’s so expensive and far too much work!”. I feel you. And boy do I have an interesting solution for you.
Raw Material (they sourced last month’s Barista Hustle coffee, Wush Wush) have partnered with Colombian local Miguel -an ex industrial engineer- to buy and plant a farm with exquisite varieties, and, build a wet mill for it and the local community of producers. It’ll do great things for the area, and help a lot of humans. There’s also a chance for you to be involved!
If you back this kickstarter, you won’t own the farm per se, but you can reserve lots of 1000 trees. You’ll get the first harvest free, then first dibs each year at a reduced price (with no obligation to buy). You also get full freedom on processing and the chance to learn from/with their team!
The kickstarter has a range of options from “get a single tree planted in your name”, through to “1000 geisha trees” and ending up at “7 day junket in Colombia with the kitchen sink”.
It’s a super fun and interesting idea, and is run by a team with which I would trust my first-born. Go check it out!! 
(BH is not affiliated in any way except via good vibes).

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See You Next Month!
This monthly thing is feeling really good. Much more time to think, ponder, and execute each month. I hope you’re liking it! If you are, the best way to support me is to forward to a friend, buy someone a tamper for christmas, or join the coffee subscription.

To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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