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🌏Coriolis Effect; 🧀Waste Milk Solution; 📻Cafe playlists


Barista Hustle

March 7 · Issue #57 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Coriolis Effect and Pour Overs
🌏Should you change the direction of pouring according to which hemisphere you’re in?

Two gents performed an excellent experiment to see just how much the Earth’s Coriolis force affects water. The video is excellent, and shows once again that anyone can perform experiments to prove hypotheses.
TL:DR - No. Don’t worry! It’s way too weak to have any meaningful effect on coffee brewing.
Stop pouring waste milk down the drain!
🧀The beautiful humans at The Fumbally in Dublin have a delicious solution.
This blog post made me incredibly happy. So much milk gets thrown away in cafes, and this is a remarkably easy and profitable second use for it!
My Pour Over Video
💧3 years ago I published a V60 instructional video. Last week I linked to it, but Youtube doesn’t like me playing Frank Ocean over the top. Fair.
Thanks to a number of you for pointing this out via email!
Barista Hustle Facebook Group
📢On Thursday I launched a Barista Hustle group on Facebook. It’s members only, but anyone can request to join. In a couple of days it has over 1,000 members, and the conversations are already flowing!

Members have already asked and commented on:
  • “Melange” Blending
  • WBC Champ Sasa Sestic’s OCD Tool
  • New tamper designs
  • Aged Coffee
  • Flowrate vs Pressure
It’s definitely a different vibe to the Slack, and I’m really enjoying the format so far. Stepping away from posting as a FB Page feels much less spammy and business-y - I’d rather have 1,000 interested humans in there than 10,000 randoms! Do join the team!
Up Your Cafe Music Game
📻Cafe playlists. The bane of many hospitality professional’s existence. 
St Ali is partnering with a DJ each month to make a 2hr mix specifically for cafe vibes. This month is brought to you by CC:Disco. Check it out on Soundcloud here. You’re welcome!
🙈Last week I mentioned Greg Scace’s talk about espresso science. I mentioned the pressure in the puck, but accidentally quoted the numbers in Absolute pressure (where 0 = vacuum). Every espresso machine in the world uses Gauge pressure (where 0 = atmospheric pressure) so that’s what I should’ve used. Apologies. Here’s the correct statement:

Pressure at the top of the puck is slightly less than pump pressure: 8 bar.
Pressure at the bottom of the puck is atmospheric: 0 bar.

Thanks to Andy Schecter and Greg himself for the heads up!
See You Next Week!
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To the boundaries of coffee,

Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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