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Barista Hustle

May 16 · Issue #67 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Colin Harmon's Book
☘ Colin’s writing a book titled “What I Know About Running Coffee Shops”, because a family and multiple cafes isn’t enough work. You can join the list here. Expect down to earth anecdotes and solid advice from his years of experience running cafes. And most likely some lame jokes. 
Roaster Tools
🔥 One thing I forgot to mention from SCAA this year. Roaster Tools is a shiny new startup focused on developing software to make roasteries tick over effortlessly. The focus is on tracking profitability, smoothing production, integrating ecommerce and accepting payments easily - a lot of pain points for many roasters!
🌎 I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, as I’m a bit of a control freak and wanted to manage the process of translating my work into other languages. But…

a few weeks ago Jethro from Das Cortez sent me some Spanish translations of my brewing and espresso compass, and I loved it! (thanks guys!) See here for hi-res versions of the brewing and espresso translations.
If you want to translate any of my stuff - go for it. 
I have but three requests:
1. No selling/monetising it. This is for the benefit of the coffee community.
2. Let me know so I can link it all together.
3. Please mention and myself somewhere when publishing.
That’s it. Spread the love, in as many languages as you please. :)
Cat & Cloud Kickstarter
🐱☁️ Chris Baca and Jared Truby (Trubaca) of Cat & Cloud launched a kickstarter to help finish the buildout of their first location. I don’t normally do kickstarters on here, but these two are putting a lot of energy into meaningful professional development and next-level customer service that deserves to be recognised. 
Facebook Group
💬 The Facebook group dished up some real solid discussions this week. A lot of detail, and the emergence of some deeper real talk! Here’s a few select posts and my brief thoughts:
  • Lots of chats on customer service and wether or not you should be giving customers what they want. (68 comments!) Personally, I’m on the side of “give the customer what they want, as long as you can make it.” Relevant: Here’s a beautiful post by Peter Giuliano on Compassion as a Barista Skill.
  • Ristrettos. Best practice? Lots of opinions in here as well. Lots of hate, and some fond memories of ristrettos from years past.
     One of my most memorable coffees was a ristretto from Single Origin Roasters in Sydney in 2008. It blew my mind with its syrupy sweetness and honey-like texture. Since ‘specialty coffee’ has been roasting lighter we’ve been unable to make espresso at this strength (1. because solubility and 2. because acidity).
     Are we now in a better place to wow new customers than we were back then?
  • How blended is a blend? - Turns out it’s pretty blended. But not precisely. Or repeatably. 
     It pays to remember that every coffee ever made is a blend. Even single farm lots. Even a single tree, when isolated, is a blend of ripeness. 
  • Signature Drinks (interesting for menu/competition ideas!)
  • Sam Sgambellone posted an update to Coffee Kaizen’s calculator page, including TDS/ext%, Linea PB Pulse and Roast Development calculators. Handy!
See You Next Week!
I’m tossing up ways to collate and present all the information being dished out in the Slack and Facebook group (and beyond). Not sure if it should be a wiki, knowledge base, link list or otherwise. If you have any (free/crowdsourced) ideas I’d love to hear them!
Thanks for reading!

To the boundaries of coffee,
Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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