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Coffee's Brené Brown(e)
💗 One of the most famous TED talks of all time by Brené Brown was on the power of vulnerability. A great watch if you have some time. 
We of the coffee world now have very own champion of vulnerability, with a prophetically similar name. Talor Browne appeared on stage at Tamper Tantrum in Antwerp to talk about mental and physical health in hospitality, and the dire need to reopen that discussion. Mandatory viewing for all venue owners and managers.
Gesha Geisha Gecha Gorei Bardo
🌺 Everyone’s talking about Geisha at the moment, so it’s probably high time to unearth the most educational and interesting post ever written on the subject, by Tom Owen of Sweet Maria’s.
I think it’s rather amusing that the specialty industry seems divided and generally unimpressed about our loss leader (ie. the product we make no money on to raise consumer awareness). If your trump card doesn’t make you that enthused, what’s it doing for a new and impressionable customer?
Here’s some commentary in the Facebook group on the matter.
Sexism and Racism in Coffee is Real
🌎 Last week’s equality issue spurred nearly a hundred replies to my inbox with welcome encouragement (though almost entirely from women). We have a long way to go, so please continue to send links or better yet, write your own!
Jenn Chen did just that and published another piece - Sexism and Racism in the coffee industry is real. It’s time to take action. This time with even more examples, action items and a trove of links. You can tell she’s a do-er.
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Barista Hustle
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