Biggest Issue Ever: 🥄New Cupping Bowls; 🍂Leaf Rust Cure; 🤓Advanced Coffee Course

Now that BH has 4 full time humans on board, we're getting a lot more done each month. We've got a ma
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Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Now that BH has 4 full time humans on board, we’re getting a lot more done each month. We’ve got a mammoth end-of-year issue for you, so make a brew, sit down, and get ready. 

New products, experimental results, good news on leaf rust, updates from China, and a call for beta testers for our Advanced Coffee Making Course! 

December & January Superlatives!
Our friends over at Gardelli Specialty Coffees will soon be roasting and posting the Mzungu Project (Fun fact: ‘Mzungu’ means 'white man’, so this is quite literally the 'white man project’ lol…) from Uganda for our December Superlatives subscribers. Thanks to everyone who’s purchased a bag! This is probably one of the most interesting coffees we’ve had the chance to taste and learn about. Don’t sleep on Ugandan coffees — we predict they’ll continue to grow and produce some very tasty crops in the years to come!
For January, Superlatives are staying in Africa with an Ethiopia Duromina from legends, George Howell Coffee. They’re really excited to share this coffee with us and we can’t wait to try it, too. 
Just a heads up: due to the usual post-holiday shipping delays, roast and post for this coffee won’t happen until the second week of January. Expect it closer to the end of the month, but still within optimal time for brewing!
Also note: we’re still accepting samples to secure a roaster for March. Reply to this email if you’re interested!
Superlatives Shipping Explained
Read this article about how we ship Superlatives to over 48 countries every month. It’s hard. And sometimes weird.
🇨🇦 Note for Canadian subscribers: We’ve received notice from DHL that Canada is experiencing a mail backlog, so there will be even further delays on your coffees getting through customs this month. This is completely out of our hands and we’re really sorry about this! 
Give the Gift of Tasty!
If you’re struggling with gift ideas over Christmas, or simply want to prepay for your Superlatives coffee rather than subscribe — we’ve got you covered. Head over to our crispy new Superlatives page and check out our new options. The best coffees, roasted well, packed into envelopes, and shipped free once a month, with your conscious covered — go give the gift of tasty. 
Almost 300 Measurements Later...
Michael killing the Great Distribution Tool Debate.
Michael killing the Great Distribution Tool Debate.
Testing is now complete for the Great Distribution Tool Debate Pt. 1. 
Michael spent around fifteen hours taking over 300 individual measurements in total, with data points down to 0.0001g. We also added palm tapping as another condition for comparison, and next week will be number crunching and getting some tasty statistics together.
What are your predictions for the best distribution method? Stockfleth, OCD, or palm tapping? Or perhaps the Tim Wendelboe levitation method? Stay tuned for our findings!
Advanced Coffee Making Course
Jeremy has been working hard building our first full online course — Advanced Coffee Making. There’s a bit of work that needs to be done before it’s finished, but we’re moving onto our next stage which is beta testing.
That’s where you peeps come in.
For the super discounted price of $49 (will be +$100), you can get early access and beta test the course. You will receive early and permanent access (certification included!). All we require from beta testers is critical feedback as you navigate through the course, and an exit survey once completed.
The 10 most helpful testers — as judged by Jeremy — will get a free set of 24 x BH cupping bowls, one of our new pitchers, and a tamper (!!!!). We only have 100 seats available. Once they’re sold out, that’s it! The full course will be available early next year. 
We’re super keen to build on the educational foundation Matt’s laid with Barista Hustle to get relevant, applicable coffee knowledge to the world. This is a very natural step towards helping the world make better coffee!
Go on and become a beta tester here.
Precision Milk Pitcher Update
Matt traveled to China to oversee the last stages of manufacture. He discovered a tiny error where 10% of jugs are a millimetre off spec (hah!) and postponed shipping by 2 weeks until it’s all sorted. We also added internal volume markings by popular demand, but issues with the chemical etching added to the delayed shipping. Ugh. But no worries, pitchers will be heading your way in the next 2-3 weeks!
This video is a detailed update and shows the insane levels we go to for perfection. Also great for those interested in how milk pitchers are made.
Pls excuse tired-face after 36 hours of delayed flights and transit.
If you’re keen for one of these, you can still place an order. Our first batch isn’t very big and will likely be sold out before the year is up.
Early next year we’ll be releasing a 600ml version as well. All models will have internal volume markings as standard. #straightstacks
Anonymous Barista Comp Costs Survey
How much does it really cost to do well in Barista Championships? If you’ve ever competed, at any level of Barista Competition, we’d love to hear from you in this quick survey. It’s 100% anonymous and should help shed some light on what’s required for a winning routine. Please also send it along to any competitors you know!
Cup Yeah! Cupping Bowl Upgrade
The BH cupping bowls are a reality and they’re HERE! These cupping bowls check off all the major boxes: 
✔ Sucks up 1/3 the heat energy that ceramic does
✔ Stackable and self-drying/draining
✔ 100% recyclable and safe
✔ Durable as hell (No breakage during shipping, drops, temperature shock, or heavy use!)
Super affordable
Available in packs of 24, 48, and 96 bowls for $59, $109, and $189, respectively, with free shipping worldwide. Place your orders now for shipping in early January.
Use the code NEWSLETTERLOVE at the checkout for $10 off cupping bowl preorders. Offer’s only valid for a week!
You Like Tea? We Got Tea!
Heyo cool peeps that enjoy all things delicious! It’s ya boy Ayden here from KUURA. I’m back from a fruitful two month traipse around Yunnan, China drinking the gauntlet of fresh autumn tea, and in hopefully a week or two we will have a bunch of tasty puer and other teas ready for you to drink! Check out our blog in the next day or two for a mini post trip report and some pretty pictures of dank groves of forest tea trees. We made a couple of different raw puers, a ripe puer, and some baller white and black tea that has super minimal processing and big flavours. Kinda like natty wine but tea. If you have any questions or want to learn more, stalk us on the ol’ gram, peep the website, or send us an email.
And keep those eyes peeled for new teas dropping soon™! Much love xoxo
This Month on the Coffee Internets
You might never have heard any good news about coffee leaf rust. It is a plight so virulent that during the recent pandemic in Central America, spores could be spread just by walking from one end of a coffee farm to another. Spraying is needed twice a year, after the harvest and before ripening. The cost of maintenance can consume 10% of the turnover of a farm. But we have a tiny ray of hope for you, via the latest Sweet Maria’s Podcast.
Tom Owen, from a barista’s perspective, practically invented the internet. We want to join him in giving a shout out to Jenni and Leonardo Henao; agronomists and coffee farmers in Urrao Antioquia, Colombia.
There is an amazing amount to learn here. And you’ll surprised how many of laugh out loud moments there are; Tom keeps dropping vampire jokes on account of the homemade bone-grinder which Jenni and Leonardo have installed on the farm to extract calcium and phosphorus for their probiotic rust formula. We learn how their innovations have brought the cost of rust treatment down from $80 per ha to $1 per hectare! 
In our October newsletter, we publicly denounced the initial SCA decision to hold coffee competitions in Dubai. In light of the recent “Deferred Candidacy Policy” announced earlier this month, we’re more disappointed than before with what they deemed a “solution” to the problem. As an internationally-recognised company with a global online community, we understand our duty to ensure the safety of all of our members. We’ve learned quickly that prioritizing diversity and being consistently proactive helps keep our online spaces safe, fun, and engaging for everyone.
We’ve kept up to the date on the mobilzation of our fellow coffee professionals around the world, and we wholeheartedly support you all. We hope the SCA truly hears the criticism they’ve received and deeply considers systemic restructuring.   
The Facebook Group Is Lit
Our private Facebook group has grown immensely the last few months. The discussions happening on there have been nothing short of interesting. From spiders laying eggs in espresso grinders to coffee history, the group has never been more alive!
This week, we hosted an AMA with Australian Barista Champion and 5th Place World Barista Champion, Hugh Kelly of ONA Coffee. We learned about the “Milk Cloud”, an alternative milk steaming device he used at WBC.
To continue the competition vibes, we’ll be featuring the 2017 NYC Coffee Master, Erika Vonie of Crop to Cup Coffee Importers, for an AMA next week. 
Request to join the group here if you haven’t already, and join our community of almost 20,000 other coffee peeps around the world. 🌏💙
See You Next Month!
Amongst all the product drops, science-y things, and bottomless chinos (Thanks St. Ali), we’ll counter that with some fun times to engage our entire online community for the holidays. Stay tuned!

To the boundaries of coffee,
Team Barista Hustle 
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