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Hype Queen Michelle Johnson was just granted her Australian Work/Holiday visa to come join us at BH H
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Hype Queen Michelle Johnson was just granted her Australian Work/Holiday visa to come join us at BH HQ! Yipee! Wish her well (embarrass her) on the socials if you like? @meeshalrj 😘

What's Beyond Distribution Tools?
Once you’ve got coffee evenly distributed in a basket (or brewer) you still need to make sure water can get at it. Matt and Michael have been working on something for the last year, and it’s time to show the world (and get your thoughts!). 
Here’s a 12-minute video introducing this new tool and technique that makes espresso coffee taste *way* better.

Beyond Distribution Tools - The Hog - YouTube
PS we’re up to video update #3 for the Great Distribution Tool Debate. Hit up our youtube channel to check em’ all out!
The Precision Milk Pitcher 📐
We revealed our newest product, the Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher— the first pitcher worth your time and the last you’ll ever buy. 
Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher - YouTube
With an uber durable Space Black electrocoat and guaranteed straight — key for symmetrical and consistent latte art — this pitcher is a beaut (that’s Michelle practicing her ‘Straya talk). They’ll be shipping out in November so preorder now! $49 and free worldwide shipping.
Stacks Upon Stacks 📦 📦
Our VP of Coffee & Long Articles, Michael, wrote about some Stacks Upon Stacks. Through a series of dot points, he leads us through the stacks needed to get that great cup of coffee. It’s definitely a must-read — and we’re not just saying that because he’s a member of the BH team!
In a similar vein, we conducted a quick Fines v. Boulders experiment with the KRUVE sifter. Fines are more than fine!
Stoked On Superlatives 😍🍬🍍🌸🍫
From the UK to the US, Superlatives are delivering on the name. Last month (shipping right now!) we were lucky enough to have Colonna roasting an epic Maragogype from the Hartmann siblings in Panama. Epic (because these beans are *big*) with flavour to match — bubblegum, pineapple, and flowers. 
Next up is Onyx Coffee Lab — milk chocolate, nougat, and pineapple from an amazing Guatemalan from Finca Isnul. Pacamara specialists; this farm has won Cup of Excellence in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2017. 
Spicy Industry News 🌶
September worked out to be a month filled with news that sent waves throughout the entire coffee industry. 
World Coffee Events announced the locations of next year’s world championships, citing Dubai, Belo Horizonte, and Amsterdam as host cities. 
The choice to host the Cezve/Ibrik Championship, World’s Brewer’s Cup, World Cup Tasters, and World Roasting Championship in Dubai was a controversial one. Sprudge reported on Dubai’s problematic system of slave labor and human rights violations of LBGTQI+ individuals. 
At Barista Hustle we believe strongly in equality for everyone, and we don’t condone actions like this. It’s disappointing the Association didn’t take any of this into account, and we stand with our people who are affected by such a decision. You can join the discussion about this in our FB group, and consider signing this petition created by Boss Barista to pull those competitions from Dubai. 
We can’t help the world make better coffee if people don’t have a fair shot at getting there too!
Another shockwave was news that Swiss food giant, Nestle, bought a majority stake in Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee. Nestle has a history of unethical practices in their production, most notably at the farm level, and also with sourcing water. 
Buy-outs and acquisitions in coffee aren’t new, and we’re probably going to see more of them happen as we go along. But this is a pretty big deal, and we’re not surprised many folks expressed grave disappointment and even went as far as to boycott Blue Bottle. 
Whew, spicy month indeed. 🌶
Facebook Participation Survey Results
Thank you again to everyone who participated in our survey! We really appreciate it. All of the responses were collected and coded, and we drew a few conclusions from the data in a lovely article you can read here.
You can reply to this newsletter to let us know what you think. Best Upset Responses get posted to Twitter 😊
See You Next Month!
Stay tuned to our socials for a swathe of new hardware announcements and interestingness from the HOST expo in Milan. Both Matt and Michael will be on the ground scoping out the latest gear!
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To the boundaries of coffee,
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