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If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough. - Elon Musk

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June 20 · Issue #72 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough. - Elon Musk

The New Barista Hustle Community Site
♻️ If you’ve been reading this email for longer than a year, you may have noticed my incessant experimentation with platforms and arenas for discussion and ideas sharing. These spaces are really important, yet sorely lacking.
The Barista Hustle Community Site has two core functions:
1. Q&A
❔Anyone can ask a question, answer, discuss, share etc.
I’ve already posted a couple of topics to start the ball rolling:

You’re more than welcome to add yours!
2. Wiki
🌐Regular users will be able to edit posts on all key aspects of coffee. 
I’ve already started by trawling and organising hundreds of links from the Facebook Group and Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy (which now redirects here! RIP✌️)
Here’s what I’ve started with:
As you start to use the site, by commenting and posting, it will grant you the ability to edit these wiki posts. If you don’t have that ability yet, you can also reply with your links/resources/otherwise beneath the post itself.
What about the Facebook Group?!
📈Don’t worry. It’s still going strong!
We’re raising the bar on questions that get through the net, to focus discussion and keep your news feed under control:
✔️Anything that promotes interesting discussion relevant to most users.
✔️Deep and meaningfuls. 
✔️Useful tips and tricks
✖️Super specific questions
✖️What xxx should I buy for yyy?
✖️Anything cold brew. Too much cold brew, facebook!

Anything with an ✖️ is more than welcome on the community site!
See you in there!
You can instantly log in via facebook, or by creating a new account.
You can also create a shortcut for your home screen (as hinted at last week) for those sweet almost-app vibes.

To the boundaries of coffee,
Matt Perger
Barista Hustle
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