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This is our 100th newsletter! What a milestone! Many thanks to all 20,000+ subscribers all over the w
Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

November 3 · Issue #100 · View online
Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

This is our 100th newsletter! What a milestone! Many thanks to all 20,000+ subscribers all over the world who read our rants and raves each month. We wouldn’t be here without you. We love you!!

BH Going Into Overdrive
There’s a lot going on in our little world at the moment. Most important is the people that make up our little fam. Here’s what they’re up to:
- This week we welcomed Jeremy Challender to the team. As ex-owner of Prufrock in London, and a veteran coffee educator, Jeremy is tackling our foray into advanced online coffee courses. 📚🤓 (reply to this email with anything you’d really like to learn from an advanced coffee course)
- Michelle Johnson has left the US and arrived in Melbourne this morning. You already know her as our Marketing Hype Queen - but now she’s on deck! 🐨 If any of you have plans to be in Seoul, Michelle will be there to MC the World Aeropress Championship. She’ll also be at CafeShow (maybe with a Precision Milk Pitcher in her coat) so if you see her, say hi!
- Ayden Graham -founder of our sister tea company Kuura- has spent the last five weeks in China hiking through mountainous Yunnan to source delicious teas from the autumn harvest. Expect delicious and tantalising tea things for sale worldwide shortly.
- Michael and Matt spent last week at the HOST expo in Milan. We were helping Eversys with their super-automatic machines. Tl;dr - we served thousands of espressos with the push of a button and not one person contested that a human barista could’ve done better. The future is coming fast, people.
Interesting Coffee Links
The Hedgehog - Our New Pet
We got a prototype and she’s cute, if not a little deadly.
After some testing it turns out thin pins (0.5mm) isn’t as good as 1mm, which is excellent news from a manufacturing and durability perspective. We’ve already sent off for another model with fewer, thicker, pins to see how it compares with our initial 3D printed prototype.
We’ve found up to 2% more extraction, and incredible increases in sweetness and clarity with this style of tool. We have no idea how or why though.
To clear up some confusion, this isn’t a distribution tool and shouldn’t be seen as a competitor or successor to any distribution tools or techniques (we’re still testing those!). It’s something else entirely. 🤔
On A Roll With Superlatives
Last month’s Panama Hartmann Maragogype from Colonna was something special. Thanks to Maxwell and their team for sharing that coffee with us and all of our subscribers!
For November, Onyx Coffee Lab is joining our ranks of guest roasters with a washed Pacamara from Finca Isnul in Guatemala. The producer, Danny Perez, processes this coffee multiple ways, including natural and a hybrid process. We got to sample all of them, but the washed was our favorite! Expect a silky smooth cup with tropical fruit and chocolate. 🍍🍫
Michelle went and paid them a visit in Springdale, Arkansas and it looks like she had a really good time
For December we’re so excited to have Gardelli back with an amazing sophomore effort — the Mzungu Project from Uganda. Three years in the making, this is a spectacular way to end a year of Superlatives. 
We’re always on the lookout for interesting and unique coffees to feature. Our mailbox is always open for samples! 📮
And to our current subscribers, how can we make your subscription better? Reply to this newsletter and let us know. 
In Other Coffee News
Last month, coffee pros and enthusiasts gathered in Montreal to attend the East Coast Coffee Madness. Laila Ghambari, 2014 US Barista Champion and Director of Coffee at Cherry Street Coffee House in Seattle, Washington, gave an inspiring talk about diversity and leadership that’s definitely required listening. There’s also a shoutout to the BH Facebook Participation survey too! Thanks Laila!
The Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy was down for some backend maintenance but is back up and running. Thanks for everyone’s patience on that. :) 
See You Next Month!
With everyone on deck in Melbourne we’re moving way faster than ever before. Stay tuned for new water calculators, distribution tool experiments, tools of the trade, education materials and more!

To the boundaries of coffee,
Team Barista Hustle
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