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🤓 Barista Financial Literacy

A very quiet week in the coffee internets. I've been super busy putting together a logistics network

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A very quiet week in the coffee internets. I’ve been super busy putting together a logistics network that can take coffee roasted anywhere, and send it to anyone affordably and swiftly. Turns out this is no mean feat, but I’m almost there!
This subscription project is turning into something much more positive and interesting than I’d ever imagined. If you have +40kg volumes of interesting, special, or rare coffees on hand (or arriving in the future) I’d love to hear from you - this is a great opportunity to have interested, smart, and positively critical humans enjoying your stuff!

Financial Literacy
🤓 I’m keen to put together a spreadsheet or even a few spreadsheets and tools to help Baristas with their financial literacy in a professional setting. If we can help some baristas tighten the screws or understand their product a little more, then efficiencies, salaries, and brains will all be benefiting.
I think a good first project will be a cost of goods calculator. I don’t know exactly how it will look right now, but I’m sure there’s enough people with good ideas in this community that we can knock it out of the park.
If you have anything at all to contribute, I’ve set up a thread in the forum.
Let’s help some Baristas crush their COGS and get some well deserved raises!
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🖲 The scripts and spreadsheet integrations are done, and I’m in the process of testing to make sure we’re 100% before launch. I’ll be making a how-to article shortly for anyone who wants to jump in and use it themselves.

Thanks again to everyone who threw me a few bucks for that one! :)
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  • Are there any truly great online coffee courses?

    I’m fishing A) because I’m curious and B) because I’m thinking about the possibility of a Barista Hustle course/accreditation. 🤔

  • Chilled Portafilters. Is it a thing? Have you tried it?

    Personally, I’m sceptical. The basket and the handle don’t transfer much heat between each other during an extraction. Perhaps the more pertinent question is: chilled baskets?
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