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Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

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Views and news about the brews. Unique and relevant information for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Advanced Coffee Making - Available Now!
Thanks to our beta testers and countless editing hours, our first official online course and certification for Advanced Coffee Making is now available for purchase! Four weeks, 77 comprehensive chapters, 25 in-depth videos, 7 quizzes, a final exam, and blockchain certificates: this course is the real deal. 
Coffee Thoughts & Interesting Links
Erika Lee Vonie, current Coffee Masters Champion, was asked the question “Do women make better baristas”. A silly question to ask, but she gives an eloquent answer. Compounding the issue Erika talks about is implicit bias of judging, based on gender presentation. And yeah — she has the receipts. While it’s encouraging steps are being taken to address bias training at competition, if 2018 is going to be the year we have our first non-male World Barista Champion, this shows we still have a ways to go. 

The UK government reduced plastic bag usage by 83% with a fine-per-bag. Now they’ve set their sights on takeaway coffee cups. But the proposed levy of 25p (about 10% of the average cost of a latte) has made for some very worried cafe owners, and World Barista Champions, too. 

The road to the next set of national and world-level coffee championships has begun for several countries around the world. In the United States, non-profit organization, Women Investing In Northwest Coffee Champs or WINCC, are hoping to make that road easier by providing support for marginalized coffee peeps who want to compete! Click through to donate to their fundraiser or get in touch directly at wincchamps@gmail.com

This is pretty spot on and explains some of the reasoning behind creating Bayes The BH Bot. While we’re still developing Bayes in our spare time, the end goal is for Bayes to be your quick, one-stop shop for industry news, coffee recommendations, and coffee troubleshooting. You can chat with Bayes via Facebook Messenger.

BH Vlog #2 - All The Happs - YouTube
Wave springs, tamper manufacture, prototypes, sifting, instant coffee, milk pitchers and Matt’s doing a free talk in London!
Now Shipping: Pitchers & Cupping Bowls
Photos from some of our lovely Instagram followers!
Photos from some of our lovely Instagram followers!
Precision Milk Pitchers have started landing in the hands of excited baristas around the globe! We love seeing your photos and reviews of the pitcher in action— keeping them coming! There’s a limited stock available right now while we continue with another round of production, so order yours here. Holding out for a bigger size? We’ve got you covered. 600ml pitchers are coming soon!
BH Cupping Bowls shipped out this week and are on their way to folks who pre-ordered them, as well. Thanks so much for your patience on these everyone! We’re keen to hear your feedback!
Tea Time!
Some new things from Ayden Graham, founder of Kuura.
“If you are new to tea our ‘Floating Point’ black tea is super soft, sweet, and kinda like a natty red wine. Super approachable, very clean, and my personal juice nearly every morning. Very minimally made and from an amazing growing environment (like all of our teas tbh).
If you are a bit more familiar with tea, or just want to rocket straight to Mars, all of our puer teas are a true labour of love and fashioned after my own tastes; sweet, engaging, complex, big in the body feel department, and with plenty of long term ageing value.
Here’s a discount code you can use on my web store for free shipping, anywhere in the world. No minimum order, and it is valid for a whole week from this email. You can also order 25g samples of everything if you want to dip in your toes before you dive.
Simply enter 'BHFAM’ at checkout <3”
February Superlatives
We’ve got a super interesting Pink Bourbon natural roasted by Assembly Coffee, in London. The producer, Santiago Londono is nothing short of a drying genius. Grab a bag before they’re all gone! 
See You Next Month!
To the boundaries of coffee,
Michelle, Michael, Jeremy, and Matt - Team BH
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