😇2018 Promises; 🤖Our New Chatbot; ❓Q&A Vid

Yewww!! Happy New Year folks!  We're coming in hot with probably way too much enthusiasm for 2018. As
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Yewww!! Happy New Year folks! 
We’re coming in hot with probably way too much enthusiasm for 2018. As such, this newsletter will now be released fortnightly. Lower word count, less selling, more relevant links to cool things, and BH vlogs. 💙

2017 Reflections & 2018 Promises
Matt started 2017 with some predictions and promises. In this new post he goes through how accurate they are, where we nailed it (carbon offsets!) and where we missed the mark.
To start the year off well we’re also making some more promises for 2018. Here’s the summary:
  • we’re going deep into online education and won’t stop til we’re the best option out there for coffee courses and certification
  • the newsletter you’re reading will be fortnightly and way more interesting/valuable
  • we’re doing more community-focused work
  • Cool Earth donations will continue
  • we’ll improve the recyclability and sustainability of our tools.
  • community and business diversity/inclusion will continue to improve
Meet Bayes, the Barista Hustle Bot!
Today we’re introducing our newest team member, Bayes, the Coffeebot! You can chat with Bayes by contacting Barista Hustle on Messenger.
Right now, Bayes will broadcast coffee news, links, and educational material a few times a week. 
Soon, they’ll be providing coffee recommendations based on your location (Superlatives 2.0).
In the future, they’ll be able to send alerts for coffee job postings, events, and even help you troubleshoot your coffee. Just send Bayes a message on Facebook to meet them!
Don’t worry! Us humans will still be around to chat too. :) 
Sweet Links from the Coffee Internets
Fortnightly Q&A Video
We asked the BH Facebook Group what questions they’d most like to hear us answer. We chose the three most “liked” questions and made a video.
To ask your questions, and vote on others join the group! We’ll be doing this every 2 weeks with the newsletter.
The First Barista Hustle Vlog - YouTube
We’ve had 100 beta testers scouring the Advanced Coffee Making Course for errors, typos, and missing links. Talk about humbling. 🤕
We’re putting the finishing touches on it and should be releasing for all to enjoy in 2 weeks!
In the meantime, we’re completely revising the Coffee Control Chart for the 21st Century. If you have opinions about strengths and ratios of different coffee styles, here’s a chance for you to have your say and be immortalised in our new CCC. (5 min survey)
Full ACM Course Releasing Soon
Thoughts on 2017 by the BH Team
Gruppo Cimbali Acquires Majority Stake In Slayer Espresso
Matt: This is pretty big news. The hipsterest machine company being bought by the biggerest group (La Cimbali, Faema, and Casadio).
This trend is popping up everywhere in coffee and really defined 2017 for me. Consolidation of cool young companies by the big guys. Get ready for a lot more of this.
This Night (Of Wine) Has Opened My Eyes - Sprudge Wine
Michelle: It is without a doubt I drink more wine than coffee. Natural wine especially, with its off-putting hues, funkiness, and palate acrobatics is my shit. I was in Portland after SCA with Matt when the founders of Sprudge, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, formally introduced me to natural wine. I’ve been lost in the sauce ever since. 
Coffeeography – the coffee producers
Jeremy: Steve Leighton released Coffeography - The Coffee Producers, and it talks about the bruised egos, rivalries, and pitfalls of direct trade. Aside from the detailed profile of direct trade’s ups and downs, a unique touch in this book is not the glossy photography compendium, but the pixelated mobile phone selfies that capture the live spirit of what he’s about— honesty and transparency.
Soz About Pitchers
Wow. The Precision Milk Pitchers have been a battle to get right, but they’re on their way to the shipping warehouse as we send this!
As an apology to everyone to who ordered them, we’ve sent out some love in an email. If you ordered a pitcher and haven’t got this email yet, check your spam folder!
For everyone else, we’ve ordered way more, and they should be in stock soon. 📐
See You in 2 Weeks!
In the meantime, go have a play with Bayes over on messenger. It’s pretty fun.
To the boundaries of coffee,
The Barista Hustle Team
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