By Manoj Nayak

BANDRA.INFO - Issue #112


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BANDRA.INFO - Issue #112
By Manoj Nayak • Issue #112 • View online
Announcing product launch of Google Web Stories
We are launched a new product which will get you to the top of the search results. Google has this in beta phase so it is giving lot of traffic to the early creators. Don’t miss out! 
What is Google Web Stories 
Google Web Stories is a new product launched for WordPress CMS. WordPress power more than 60 per cent of internet websites. With Google Webs stories google sees to get into the same space as Instagram Stories and Pinterest space. 
Some examples of stories we created are already ranking on page 1 of google search.
To test this product we created 3 stories and within a week all the 3 contents we created are ranked on the first page on google search results. Check out the snapshots and links attached. 
  1. We created a story on “GuruKripa Samosa’s”. Check the story here
  2. We created a story of “5 places to order Dal Pakwan from”. Check the story here
  3. We did a history story about Bandra in the 1950s, check the story here
All of these stories are now appearing on the first page of google search results in a week’s time. 
Why you should also do stories 
Information Overload 
We are in an age where there is information overload. People just do not have the time to read long-form content. People want information in easily digestible forms and stories are now the preferred form of media consumption by millennials and Gen Z.
Vertical image and video format 
The vertical format is the most suitable format for media as more than 80% of the visits to the internet are via mobile devices. Google web stories enable WordPress websites to create vertical image-based short series of stories. 
Come on Top of Search Results 
As this is a new format, google is giving these stories a big headway in search results as to incentivise content creators to create more of these stories. 
Buy it the same here or schedule a call with me to know more here
Kind Regards,
Manoj Nayak


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Manoj Nayak

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