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BANDRA.INFO - Issue #108

BANDRA.INFO - Issue #108
By Manoj Nayak • Issue #108 • View online
Lockdown Diary 6 - Are women having a tougher time in the lockdown?
With old in-laws, kids and husband at home, the women in the family is the most stressed person during this lockdown period. 
Women with multiple helps, suddenly found themselves having to cope up with additional work which they weren’t used to. 
Husbands have always been outside of home working so they have little experience on how to manage with food, cleaning etc. 
On top of it, the looming possibility of community spread in the slums might mean, that getting their help back into the house would be risky. We also do not know, when schools and colleges would start. 
Not all kids are also not used to cleaning the house. Till the children are home they will be hungry and once again, ordering food from outside is not a good option. 
This means additional demand on the woman to find solutions to their hunger pangs. I don’t have any solutions, but I realised how important women are as nurturers in our society.
So this is just an appreciation post for the women in the house taking care of their families and the bigger role they play. 
More Power to them!
Manoj Nayak

Forced Celibacy In Bandra - Quarantined AF
Sorry about the F word!
Sorry about the F word!
Quarantined In Bandra
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